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droppings of settlers

Since the waste is now integrated into the game it would be interesting to integrate in the game the rejection of the settlers we can say (their need they make toillettes) so it should be considered in this case to add a depuration station and the polluted water resource and public toilets
So basically you want bast to add sewage to the game. That might be reasonable since sewage would be an untradable resource just like trash and would prove more of a challenge to the user. SimCity has both trash and sewage, and bast says that this game is to be like it, so why not implement sewage.

Public toilets wouldn't be necessary since in the future I'm sure we will have the technology to have sealed habs with toilets. Here are some things that we could create:

In the early stages, a septic tank would keep up with sewage coming from 50 people and would produce atmosphere by decomposing and spreading the sewage on the ground.

A compost plant would handle 1000 people and turn sewage into food(would make fertilizer which causes things to grow better and make more food) while producing atmosphere.

A sewage launcher would consume oil and steel and would launch giant containers full of sewage into space, but would produce tons of atmosphere. This would handle 20,000 people.

An alien sewage crystallizer would handle 500,000 people and use genetically engineered bacteria to break sewage down into it's basic elements. Then, the soup that's left over from the bacteria is left to form green crystalline. The process consumes atmosphere at a high rate and water is produced as a byproduct. This building should be the most advanced sewage handler and would be instrumental for synthesizing crystalline on planets where it doesn't naturally occur.

All that aside, I don't think that bast will be adding many things into the game until antiquitas and Death 3d are done. He is adding a few content here and there though, so it might not take him too much work to get this put in the game as long as you provide the images and costs.
unfortunately I am a bad draftsman and according to me it would be something to add from the beginning of the game
I believe a similar suggestion has already been suggested. I could not seem to locate it though but I do agree that adding this update might make the game more interesting.
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