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Microsoft Store My Colony Update?

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#1 2017-10-28 12:59:56
Was the My Colony updated on the Microsoft Store?
I got an update on my mobile but no update on PC, still on v0.47.0
and I download the raw version of the game because Bitdefender flags it as some kind of malware? But when Install it through Microsoft Store Bitdefender doesn't flag it.
There is no Update in MS so i was just wondering if you sent the update to MS?
#2 2017-10-29 07:49:03
Me either, I didn't get the updated version on window 10.
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#3 2017-10-29 13:21:22
I don't think they have the new version yet. The version you can download from the website should have the most up to date version. I would suggest seeing if you can mark My Colony as safe if you want to just use the one from the website. That version will check for updates when opened and ask if you want to update.
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