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Colony Overview (Forgot Poll Sry)

(1) It could be nice if we could see :
a- the number of each different vehicles we have
the first point would to not build or have to much on the same spot (it gets really bugged for me)
then we could have things like grouping them to give them different tasks

b- the number of each different buildings we have
Could help to know for example how much ore refinery buildings are needed to add new gold lab

c- where pop is living and working
The first use of c is directly linked to b we could know in which kind of building they are going(ex : 3k in bank, 2k in al generator ...).
We could also see how far they are from different type off buildings (with their house as starting point) such as hospital, enternmaintent (for example : stadium, shopping mall, big play house ...Large Parks ? lol no one goes in those), and finally work.

(2) It could also be nice to see the impact of each building we are going to build.
At the moment it only tells us what the building costs and it may tell us that it will use more power than what is left.
It doesn't tell us what those buildings will consume (we can still see that on the different references pages but would be better for me at least to have that on the same view).
I read bast's plan for the next update before I got to this thread. I believe some parts of 1 will be included like the grouping part.
where is that text ^^ (sry for that dumb question)

edit: forget it i just never go on the general my colonny discussion thread (...)
My Colony

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