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Red Cross

#1 2017-11-12 06:39:52
This may seem foolish, but I wanted to call this to attention:

Video Games Aren't Allowed To Use The "Red Cross" Symbol For Health

For reference:

The red cross and red crescent emblems are protected symbols under international humanitarian law and national laws. Any use that is not expressly authorized by the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols constitutes a misuse of the emblem. Use of these emblems by unauthorized persons is strictly forbidden. Please contact the ICRC for more information.

While I don't think they will be knocking on doors anytime soon, forewarned is forearmed.
#2 2017-11-13 15:01:47
oh this. hey i forget about this......aren't they ok if the red plus is green instead?
I find it a bit silly and almost a bully tactic since plenty of other games haven't changed it.
examples being l4ds/TF/doom 1993 healthpacks.
*cough cough* as much as i even hate to type its name being a TF2 fanatic ....overwatch uses a red cross as well...
feels more like they want to bully smaller devs.
its funny really like if a gamer sees the red cross they'll think health. then in real life they'll see it and also think health.
"...the emblem will be diminished....."
Is that not good? I would assume being getting desensitized to the symbol would make people more calm when it suddenly appears and the event that someone is injured they'd know what to look for.
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