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My Colony v0.50.0 Released - Page 10

One big thing what have you done in regards to wrongfully bans ?
I only ever had one colony band because i killed a NAN colonists !
Now I have payed and if a colony gets banded when I have not cheated well .
I STRONGLY suggest YOU LET falusly banded people send you the offending colonys file to PROVE they did not cheat then Make it to ware they can BE UN banded .
calm down
every body is in the same situation
calm down ? he wants to band ips totaly for cheating and the game gives falus bans ?????
no this is not a game change this is @@@@ people who have payed him for the game .
ether BE sure the falus cheating bans are 100 % fixed or take out GE or just ban offending colony's .
I said when Trades first came out it would never work .
Take trades out make it a off line game .
Heck not one thing on it anyway .
But problem is he also set up teh game so some rersources CAN NOT be made on some colony's
o heck no wonder nothing on trades you cant even place a resource on trades lol
I see cant use trades unless you have alien warehouse lol
well now funny tardes should have been to help lower lv players and now you cant use it untill you
have laien warehouse lol
i have loose more than 30 000 000 of gold
@ say we are all in the same baot some have loose more other loose all, and some nothink but a lot of pepole loose all also quiet
i could care less about the coins no point in the amounts that large .
I do care about low lvs not being able to use trades as it requires alien warehouse .
I do care about a falus ban and him blocking a IP .
He would be well advised to take trades out before he does something like that .
Take trades out well it his programming ban a IP its MY money I spent and he now has .
here is a thought bast you totaly destroyed all modded versions of the game lol
after all the modded version rely on 3 main things water food and coins but without storage it will be going and the tax will kill the money lol
now that is funny
Despite all the negative feedback and complaints that I have been reading, I am still thankful for the updates. This is making the game more difficult thus making it more challenging and interesting. We really have to keep an eye out for our colony so that we won't lose our resources.

The way I typically play is on offline mode where I leave the game running while I go to sleep. If I do not like the results when I wake up, I make a new colony. It's crazy. I know. I start from scratch almost every time :) I want to test different combination of arranging the buildings to see how I can best get resources faster without sacrificing approval rating from my colonists. In this way, I always make things new relive the struggle of a start up colony.

Master developer, please do not bother those who are leaving the game (either this game only or all of your games all together). It just means that they are not up for the challenge that you are giving them. There is always a way around to make things work. It also means that they are not strong enough to stand by you when you actually needed their support. I am not saying that I am the only supporting you. I am pretty sure that there are others who are not part of the forum who are supporting you. Let them leave on their own terms while welcoming new people who will be enjoying the game.
My Colony

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