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What the actual f**k? v.5? - Page 2

The update was fine, but next time with something big like this, a warning would be nice. I have 490 mil uranium and its decaying very fast, which took forever to create.

Just a suggestion
at the rate of selling 50k per transaction in GBT, i would rather not do anything n let it decay. too slow and too much hassle.

With massive resources vaporized into thin air, GBT price for resources will increase dramatically. Good luck new players =], your fellow commonwealth leader may not have excess resources to help you like before anymore.
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First of all you don't need a gazillion of everything. I have a guy in my fed with a 11 mil colony and he doesn't need the gbt nor has he ever needed. Having so much of everything and not producing it yourself is the problem. You make profit out of something that, had you done it all yourself with no gbt help, wouldn't have cost you anything to make. So any compensation would be fair. But people have this idea they can ask anything for it. And people don't have the patience to produce everything themselves and thus turning to the gbt. Gbt is a shortcut to get stuff without the necessary production chain. But when making money is so easy, with just IB, why the fuz? Anyone can have lots of money. No need to get it back over the backs from others. The world is bigger than your precious empire. Look at the bigger picture.
Agreed, if you had 490 million uranium then you obviously weren't using it or selling it. To all the people who had massive amounts of a resource, you're complaining about losing something that sat there untouched to begin with. So what good was it doing you before the update if it just sat there?
I think it's just the to see big numbers getting numbers. To brag .
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