Hiya, I've been playing My Colony for a while now, and with the new updates I've run into some things that could use some tweaking or adding to make the game more manageable.

1) - Deactivated buildings still create a queue when ordering things from them. This I have seen with having deactivated Small Vehicle Factories. I'm not sure if it also works that way with others, as I have yet to try it out. This happened when ordering Water Bots after the buildings had already been deactivated.

2) - Bot and Worker Mass Selection (by type, hopefully). This one is fairly simple. Trying to select a whole bunch of rovers and workers when they're moving is rather difficult. Especially when they are all been put to use and thus running all over the place. The thought I had was to add a side-panel category separated by type that'd let you mass select, park, harvest, build and 'Scrap'. The scrap would send all of those directly to the killed off or lined up at the nearest scrapping facility. I forgot the name of the building. Heh.

3) - Unit Integration. While it is nice to see a whole bunch of bots or workers running around, when you have several hundred of them doing the same thing, it can be really a hassle to build or plan around them. This idea is that when a set of units is put to a task, they'll join up and overlap like they do with parking. But in this case they'll move to complete the task all together. If coded properly, it'll really cut down on the memory and graphical resources required, because all the graphics don't have to be drawn until they break up again. Could even be marked with vertical squared just like queuing buildings have to represent every ten units or so.

4) - Resource View. Please, please, please add a way to change the top of the screen. By the time I have a bunch of resources going on, it takes up a whole lot of the view. @.@'' About drives me nuts when I get later in the game with millions of production units of a lot of resources going on. Having them all together is great for looking at them at a glance, but it can be really hard to pick out the small numbered materials later on when they're stuck with the others. Separating them out into different rows and columns based upon their tier or purpose would solve the problem.

5) - Planning Tools. Holographic/non-physical building representation that'll ghost over the terrain as we plan out our colonies. This would be a big help, especially to people who like nice and beautiful looking setups or those trying to find the most efficient setup. They don't have to be about specific things, but having multiple color choices would be good, and that they go away once something is built over it would make it non-messy.

6) -

I'll probably think of more later~

Thanks for reading.