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In-Game Federations - Page 4

#31 2017-11-27 05:48:25
To be honest I think any sort of way to boost the social aspect of this game would be a huggggge positive. Id imagine that not everyone would join the same one however... People do tend to glomp the biggest but generally it is not beneficial to be a low level in a huge group without something you bring to the table unique. Fragmentation and sub groups are bound to occur especially if there were factors affecting their individual economy.... IE if these groups shared a common market being in a huge one would be a bad thing especially for newer colonies as their resources would have less worth than they would in a fledgeling federation. Specialization and keeping them small might be a benefit as well then since filling ranks with just whatever would dilute the market. I dono x.x seems interesting if they had some purpose like that.
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#32 2017-11-27 07:36:36
Right now we have FFF, NOZ, NUF, QIGN and TR. FFF is the biggest and gets people from all levels. NOZ used to be pretty big when they focussed on South East Asia. It made them different from FFF. Ppl care about joining a group of ppl of the same country.
#33 2017-11-27 20:26:55
Maybe the founder of the federation gets a special status and with it a special statue people can build honouring the founders colony.
#34 2017-11-28 07:35:11
That would be cool. But what if there isn't just 1 founder?
#35 2017-11-28 20:47:31
Only 1 person can create an in-game federation(via congress hall), members join in later.
#36 2017-11-29 00:36:20
Will in game federations be added in the next update?
#37 2017-12-05 13:55:08
If only one member can create the federation, what happens if he loses interest or get a problem with the game file? The federation setup and management should be outside the game after it's created.
With this you can have more than one person managing the fed and you can give your federation over to the next one if you abandon the game for whatever reason.
#38 2017-12-06 00:32:10
Some thoughts from NOZ
Federation leadership should either be joint or transferable from outside the game. We don't want to see a corrupted or banned colony causing the death of a federation.
Federations should have their own chat functionality.
Federation shared research. Perhaps 10% of all research done in colonies within the federation, perhaps it's a switch you can set on your research producing buildings to swap from colony research to federation research. Some federation researches should unlock options like additional commonwealths in the federation (initially 5, then 10, then 15 etc), bonuses to specific production buildings (+1% aluminum generator output across all colonies in the federation), re-skinning (permanently make all purple flags placed in colonies within this federation have dragons on them) and more. Some research should be infinitely repeatable, with an exponential cost curve.
These researches will allow each federation to be unique - we have dragons on our flags, you have red rovers, the other guys have ghost sounds when they select a microchip factory - as well as diverse, demonstrating how developed each one is. Perhaps some researches require more total colonies in the federation, perhaps some require more commonwealths. Either way, you encourage development at all levels of the political landscape, without encouraging one man federations or a dozen member commonwealths but without a single sub-colony in any of those commonwealths.

Something like Aluminum Generation Bonus Tech XLII should be difficult to obtain no matter how developed the federation is, and Aluminum Generation Bonus Tech LX might very well be ultimately un-achievable. Perhaps things like colony land expansions should even depend on a federation tech reaching a certain level.

Federations with small, expensive bonus techs are a great resource sink opportunity that should not be missed. (Maybe make centers for artificial learning consume tons of raw resources while you're at it)
It is also an unparalleled opportunity to add great replay-ability to the game.
However, do not forget to make creating a new federation *expensive*. Something like a hall of congress is simply not enough. A single person can pull that off without batting an eye. On the other hand, perhaps a building that needs to be built jointly on multiple colonies, with a price maybe 10* the hall of congress for each of, say 3 independent commonwealths, would be a great filter for ensuring that everyone and their cousin doesn't have their own federation. (this from the first guy ever to succeeded in making people want to stay in his commonwealth after their colony reached "maturity"). Remember, commonwealth independence was meant as a stepping stone to achieving "maturity" for your colony. A federation is a true community of fully developed commonwealths.
But the alternative is, of course, to make the initial founding of a federation fairly cheap, maybe even a hall of congress is sufficient, but then significant bonuses need to have great effort put into them before being actualized.
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#39 2018-01-19 04:13:11
I think leadership should be transferable from with in the game. It is simple and effective.
#40 2018-01-21 08:36:42
but for the bonus you have just to join the better federation with the better effect and let the other with 1% of speed for the small water extractor and the better have 100% of speed to extract money of all the pocket of the galaxie
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