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Stuck on "Doing Cleanup..." - Page 2

I also have the loading page never goes away, recently updated my phone to android 8
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Make a manual backup of your colonies. There are instruction on how to do so in the FAQ which is linked below in my signature. Making a manual backup should be done often since the game is still in beta release and is under heavy development.
try to disable "check render distance"
from more option > Engine Setting
Its work for me

mycolony version 0.53
I tried that but it didn't work. I can actually do things on that colony, but I can't see because of that "Doing cleanup"
My Colony, TerraMars just got stick there as well.
Same here, 0.64.0 on android. Colony started as offline, then moved to online via statistics. After closing and loading the next day, infinite cleanup.
Android 7.0, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
My Colony

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