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Can't get workers back on duty. - Page 2


just to explain here i have 99% approval rating which means 1% of my people are unhappy which is something like 14k people (if I'm not dumb).
If you look at the graph chart now you seetop citizen concerns, so out of those 1% (14k people) :
-0% is depression (which is 0, I know I'm gud x) )
-28% is homelessness (which is 3920)
-6% is poverty (which is 840)
-60% is fatgiue (which is 8400) so i have bad commute length it seems
-2% is health (which is 280)
-4% is unemployment (which is 560)
I am having this exact same problem. Approval is 98%, health complaints at 3%, everything is staffed, but is showing everyone as off duty. I've tried a fire drill and changing the work load to overtime and light, and nothing changes.
Look at other topics, there already a lot of different places that talk about the off duty problem ^^
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