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Add a forum to report users

One of the users posted a picture of the twin towers on fire on the post called "Add paper currency" on the game suggestions sub forum for my colony and there is no special place to report it.
We can use the "online reporting" of the my colony forum right now
For now, use the "Online Reporting" sub-forum in the My Colony game forum. If there is more of a need I'll create a new sub-forum. Also you can directly message me to report inappropriate content.

I've removed the post you were referencing above since it didn't add anything to the discussion of paper money.
It might be needed, some accounts might have been hacked!
bkudaimi said:It might be needed, some accounts might have been hacked!

The accounts I removed today for spamming were newly created just for the purpose of posting spam. Reporting each one of those accounts would have amounted to it's own sort of spam and frankly I wouldn't have looked at the reports before removing the accounts since the first thing I do when I log in is check the forum for spam posts.
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