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When will reptilians appear

when will the long-awaited reptilians finally appear?
According the the last paragraph of the release notes for 0.51, in the next few weeks.
they are hibernating right now .
and next is spawing ( dont mess with the eggs they can be cranky .
after that they will be showing up hhumans .

Imange a whole race of lawyers
F the reptilians, when will a better aluminum generator appear?
Already is.... the Zolarg. They can build aluminum mines and harvest them. Start a Zolarg colony, get the deep space transceiver and request annexation to your main. You will then be able to send aluminum to your main for free.
I for one can’t wait for reptilians. Bast said that the playing style would be drastically different than the other races, which has got me hyped.
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