Resource overview manager in Region Maps

#1 2019-11-12 12:25:13
I was in the chat with my fellow colonists and I talked about my idea of a overview Manager of all your multiple cities resources complied into one menu that shows every single city that you own in a particular region you're total resource production/output

For the Regions.... many players have more than 1 of their own cities in a region as you know. I myself have like 8 maybe, and the problem with looking at your resource overviews to see your input vs output, you gotta go to each city. This is especially troubling if you have many specialized cities.

It would be amazing if you're playing on a region and have multiple cities that belong to you, that there's a menu you can look at and it combines all of you're cities productions and outputs for all the resources. That way when you look at it you know overall across all your cities you're producing this much, or losing that much. Instead of individually loading each city and keeping a mental note of your outputs and inputs. Just a thought
#2 2019-11-12 12:25:29
Please let me know what everyone thinks
#3 2019-11-18 00:34:16
If you go from side menu>stats>resource tab then you can see your production of each resource and where it's coming from and if your On the region map and not in a city it shows you a pie chart, maybe some changes to the format would be nice.
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