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#1 2018-11-03 19:21:25
My statistics info is no longer updating properly.

It reports my GDP as $0, and that I have ~32000 unemployed workers. But if I press 'u' it reports no unemployed workers. Note that pressing 'u' does work properly, as it would list unemployed workers and I could manually hire them.

The statistics have been stuck like this for some time, and frankly it's taking the fun out of the game for me.

Is there any way to force them to update?

I have tried multiple fire drills.

I am using the native client for linux.
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#2 2018-11-03 19:31:44
I believe the GDP is like that because he is trying to fix it for regions.
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#3 2018-11-03 20:15:48
Ah. Would that also explain why the unemployment stats are wrong?