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Ah, nevermind. I see that it's an issue with 1.5.0, which just so happened to coincide with my housing upgrade.
3y ago
Suggestion: make most builders (particularly drones and advanced builder bots) build much faster, but make them more expensive to compensate.

Currently, units seem to contribute a fair amount to lag, and even with turbo variants in large numbers, getting enough to make construction not a constant project is annoying, especially with the current inability to mass manufacture units. Smaller buildings that need less resources are quickly built, but those that need a lot-particularly those that use money-can take forever to build. I'm writing this as I stew on an approximately six hour build time for my hall of congress, even using seventy turbo drones.

The higher expense and build speed will "compact" the units a bit more to reduce lag while still roughly keeping the current balance of resources per unit of construction speed.

The entry cost of getting your first builder of a type will be higher, but I don't think that would be an issue. It would just be another thing to save up for, rather than new builders effectively being a boolean check to see if you have all types of resources required.

A different idea might to be replace the normal variants with the stats of the turbo variants, and then make a new type to replace the turbo bots, which would be the much more expensive but much faster variant proposed.
3y ago
So, I've got a relatively advanced colony; I'm getting close to transcendence, and only need 50 mil civics, which I'm working on. I've got a problem, though.

I've had a stable population for ages (around 40k for two decades), and recently made the choice to drastically upscale to upgrade my ability to manufacture robots, among other things. Except it broke like, everything. Everybody predictably rushed to the "better" jobs, leaving half my industries slowly decaying. That was sort of a predictable bluster, which I expected, but what I didn't expect, is that none of the new guys I'm cloning are getting houses or jobs! I was hoping they'd fill in the emptied jobs so I didn't have to buy a ton of stuff, but yeah. Unemployment is at like 40% and homelessnes is at like 30%. Which could be understandable: maybe these fantasy arcologies are expensive to live in? I raised my living wage to an absurd amount (along with another doubling of normal wages), but that fixed nothing. And even with such high homlessness and unemployment, nobody is unhappy about anything, and my approval remains steady at 97%. What's going on here?

Oh right, do note that I've got a lot of blue collar jobs open as well, it doesn't appear to be an education issue. And my design seems fine, every housing unit has an open job somewhere in the vicinity, though, those closer to the edge of the map have more jobs available.
3y ago


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