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Increase Builder Speed

#1 2020-05-11 16:01:13
Suggestion: make most builders (particularly drones and advanced builder bots) build much faster, but make them more expensive to compensate.

Currently, units seem to contribute a fair amount to lag, and even with turbo variants in large numbers, getting enough to make construction not a constant project is annoying, especially with the current inability to mass manufacture units. Smaller buildings that need less resources are quickly built, but those that need a lot-particularly those that use money-can take forever to build. I'm writing this as I stew on an approximately six hour build time for my hall of congress, even using seventy turbo drones.

The higher expense and build speed will "compact" the units a bit more to reduce lag while still roughly keeping the current balance of resources per unit of construction speed.

The entry cost of getting your first builder of a type will be higher, but I don't think that would be an issue. It would just be another thing to save up for, rather than new builders effectively being a boolean check to see if you have all types of resources required.

A different idea might to be replace the normal variants with the stats of the turbo variants, and then make a new type to replace the turbo bots, which would be the much more expensive but much faster variant proposed.
#2 2020-05-11 16:05:50
What you're describing already exists.

You can group units together. Just select a few of the same type of units and you'll see a little blue square shape pop up on the bottom left side of the screen :)
That button allows you to group units of the same type into one single unit that inherits the abilities of all grouped units

Oh, and you CAN mass manufacture units. Just right-click on the unit you want to build in the build menu and select the amount you want it to build

As far as the hall of congress goes , that building is designed to empty your resource pool. Even with 5k turbo bots grouped, it still takes like 5-10 mins to build :)

Hope this helps
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#3 2020-05-11 22:40:46
Hey, that leads to a new idea - WHY NOT WE CAN PRODUCE PRE-GROUPED UNITS.
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#4 2020-06-14 19:43:41
Ya. That is true. On the other hand it might make sense to make the pathfinding go from resource point to resource points until full to handle the issue that some resources were intended to be handled by a swarm, like trees. The trees are so small per resource you need a swarm because instead of going from tree to tree collecting until they only pick up one tree then they are done. At present it doesn't even make sense. The rover will keep collecting without dropping off resources until full. If the trip to the drop off point was eliminated until after the rover was totally full the resource gathering potential of the swarm would be concentrated in these gatherers with no overhead to pathfinding. As it is you still need a slightly smaller swarm to benefit from something like tree gathering.
#5 2020-06-20 19:41:26
GeneralWadaling said:Hey, that leads to a new idea - WHY NOT WE CAN PRODUCE PRE-GROUPED UNITS.

It's a double edged blade...

On one hand it would be freakin' awesome because it would cut down on building time by A TON

On the other hand, i see it as an OP option because i could have 100k bots built by 5 factories in a matter of minutes. Then again, i see no harm in that...but i'm sure there's a middle ground

Pre-stacked builds should take more time though, but overall YES i'm totally in for the idea
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