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@GeneralWadaling , you have a way of looking at this game that is beyond belief ! The things you write and describe sometimes leave me speechless. You should work in city planning or something similar it real life :)

At least write a fantasy novel man. You've got the juice for it for sure
4y ago

THIS is what i mean.

Instead of having this, i could have 1 maybe two of each building instead , but leveled up...
Java/Scroll2d is heavy on resources. Such an option could help a lot
4y ago
GeneralWadaling said:Hey, that leads to a new idea - WHY NOT WE CAN PRODUCE PRE-GROUPED UNITS.

It's a double edged blade...

On one hand it would be freakin' awesome because it would cut down on building time by A TON

On the other hand, i see it as an OP option because i could have 100k bots built by 5 factories in a matter of minutes. Then again, i see no harm in that...but i'm sure there's a middle ground

Pre-stacked builds should take more time though, but overall YES i'm totally in for the idea
4y ago
Here i am again , smoking a cigarette and thinking about the meaning of life whilst developing my little colony ; and i thought to myself, why in god's name do i have 4 dedicated maps (region) for bandwidth alone? why do i have 5 dedicated to starports? isn't there a better way?

Regional gameplay was developed to allow massive development for players, and it works like a charm


In the meantime the ''bot stacking'' concept was introduced, which allowed us all to build massive robot armies to do our bidding super fast, and best of all, now we can move them between our maps :)

So, i thought to myself, why not have the same option for buildings?

I don't know the coding it takes, but would it be possible to introduce building leveling? Like for example instead of having 1000 microchip factories on 500 maps, have ONE single one factory on a map that i could level up?
Think about how much computational resources that would save just like the bot stacking did? And instead of having 200 maps/cities on a region we could have but a few ?

I for one think that a building leveling system would improve game performance on all platforms, and especially mobile. When i discovered my colony it was through the google play store and i switched to pc after a few hours because the shear size of what i was developing was hard to sustain on a simple phone.

I know my colony V2.0/3D is being debated right now, but realistically speaking, that will take a lot of time.

In the meantime i personally feel that building leveling would be one of the greatest improvements to the game that you can bring to the table right now. It would cut down massively on computational resources, reduce the hustle of having to build tens of cities dedicated to the same resource, and would make the game a bit more mobile/tablet friendly because it would make it possible to reach end-game on a single large city/map.

These are my thoughts for the day. As you might have noticed, every now and then i like to throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks.

Few side notes before i sign off:

1) The leveling system should come with a penalty - something like 2% production reduction . So a lvl 2 building will make 2% less than two lvl1 buildings

2) If such a system were to be implemented, everyone should start from scratch. Start a new season of the game if you will and see who reaches the to 10 fastest and manages to stay there . I know many players have worked on the colonies for years , but a fresh start isn't going to kill anyone and could be fun

3) Maybe put a level cap on buildings (like lvl 100 or something) , to encourage further development of cities and not have all production in a 50x50 square :)
4y ago
Oh yeah i completely forgot about aluminium :)

However, if you make lots and lots of the other resources and sell them on the market / export them, you'll be able to buy all the aluminium you want in no time.

But yeah, be careful with aluminium kids. It is indeed a precious resource early and mid-game :)
4y ago

Version 1.6 brought with it some interesting changes to the market. Still, i can't help to feel like it's not enough. The price differences between importing and exporting are HUMONGOUS ! (perhaps the new algo will fix that over time, idk.. )

So, i have a suggestion.

Hammer in an import and an export price that never changes. Make importing 10% more expensive than exporting.

So by this logic let's take the price of ore into consideration. I suggest 100 as an export price, and 110 as import. Anything in between leaves room for speculation for players to have fun with.

I personally see it as an easy fix to a problem we've been having for years now.
It also would help new players a lot in their development. It's one thing to import ore at 110 or a complete experience to buy at 3300 as it stands right now.

I hope i'm making sense in my rambling here
4y ago

So you're new to the game and it's all stressful and confusing...

No problem. We're here for you.

First of all, once you're able to make a resource , be it ore, gold, steel etc , spam the hell out of it. Make hundreds of the structure that gives you that particular resource.
When developing, you will need a lot of everything, so might as well make tons of it.

I personally have entire cities (on a region map) dedicated to ONE SINGLE resource !!! Do the same !

IF at one point you end up making to much, no problem :) . Just sell it on the market. Even if it seems like it brings in pennies, it adds up. I made my first billion from selling excess ore on the market alone.

IF you have any questions , feel free to open a topic on the forum, ask on the general chat or join a commonwealth and their discord. You'd be surprised how helpful older players are.

RESEARCH . I can't stress this enough. Have as much as possible. It might seem irrelevant in the beginning, but mid-to-end-game you will need billions of that stuff.

CIVICS - same

HAVE PATIENCE ! Sometimes all you need is a little bit of patience. Leave the game running, go do other stuff while your resources pile up so you can build whatever it was you wanted to build.

DO NOT RUSH TO UNLOCK/RESEARCH THINGS ! Every new thing you unlock requires tons of resources. Make sure you have tons of it to spare before you move on to the next shiny thing.

READ THE FORUM ! There's tons of info here. You'd be surprised how many questions to problems that you didn't even know you had have been answered here :)

I'm sure i'll have more advice to give when i remember it, but for now, follow these basic guidelines and you'll gave a great time with this game .
4y ago
Makes a lot of sense.

But then again i ask , is it not the brave and foolish that conquered the world ?

What's the worst that could happen? If it doesn't work out with the larger cities, you simply roll back to the state we are now. Of course, it sounds simple in my head. God knows what sorts of coding that requires :)

And regarding performance issues, perhaps limit the large maps/cities to desktop versions only.

Anyway, take it a suggestion. At the end of the day, it is YOU who decides the direction the game is heading towards .
4y ago
What you're describing already exists.

You can group units together. Just select a few of the same type of units and you'll see a little blue square shape pop up on the bottom left side of the screen :)
That button allows you to group units of the same type into one single unit that inherits the abilities of all grouped units

Oh, and you CAN mass manufacture units. Just right-click on the unit you want to build in the build menu and select the amount you want it to build

As far as the hall of congress goes , that building is designed to empty your resource pool. Even with 5k turbo bots grouped, it still takes like 5-10 mins to build :)

Hope this helps
4y ago
Hello world!

It's been quite some time since region play has been implemented into the game. The idea at first was to have only small and medium maps/cities so that bast and the users can test them out from a stability standpoint.

Well, it's been a while and here we are now with regions as stable as can be.

The thing that i'm sure not only I noticed is that at one point one starts to develop so fast that a medium map fills up super fast and tbh it's becoming frustrating to start so many new cities from scratch... And they fill up in a matter of minutes especially during end-game. Just build a few starports and stuff and see how fast a map fills up :)

In my opinion it would be about time to have larger region cities, maybe even mega and giga maps.

What do you guys think? @bastecklein ?
4y ago
Incredible :)

Downloading right now to test out the new awesome features
4y ago

@Amorphus , what you're describing sounds extraordinary. You shouldn't give up on your dream! EVER !!

Just look at the ''my colony '' example. When it came out it was flawed and bugged as hell and here we are a few years later and it's still full of bugs and flaws, but it's a damn fine game and i wouldn't trade it for 100 versions of sim city or whatever.

The key is persistence. Bast did it and so can you. It will eat you whole but trust me when i say this, at the end of the day you'll sleep a lot better knowing that you came closer to achieving your dream. Take this from a fellow entrepreneur.

PS : Make bot mergers great again!!! :)
5y ago

Yeah baby!

I'm loving this update. Finally the worries of cloning my little worker peasants are over :)

Thank you bast for listening to us! You rock!

Oh, and the race-specific resources are one of the best ideas you ever had. Once more are added it should liven up the GBT tenfold.
5y ago
Magnus9865 said: But wouldn't it be simpler to just optimize the game code so that if there is for example 25 of the same type a bot/worker on the same tile, when you order them to build a building, the game just sorta merges them into a single entity to move, instead of calculating the paths of the 25 bots/workers separately?

Sounds easy in theory but apparently it's quite hard to achieve.
Bast has been tackling the bots issue for 2 years now with very promising advances, but never a final version. And remember this man created the game from scratch...

The bots merger/lvl up is but a suggestion and in my view it would reduce the RAM usage and the loop of code that has to move hundreds of them at a time. Plus it would be a neat feature imo.

Truth be told, none of us really know how the code works and the countless hours it takes to create such a request. All we can do is throw ideas out there and see if they stick :) .

I like to think we're helping the overlord think outside of the box
5y ago
Aproval is at 98% ... health is at 100% and i even give my colonists a 100 bucks living wage
5y ago
Extra info : i built 40 space ports as well now. The tourism numbers are slowly increasing now.

I also noticed my atmosphere levels were a tad low. I'll try and balance that around 10 mil to see what happens. Maybe it also has an effect...
5y ago
So for the fun of it on one of my region maps i decided to build a tourist-friendly city.

So far i've used 1/4 of the map and have 26k tourist capacity.

Problem is that i only get 2k at a time at best despite the fact that i have numerous stargates and a starport ready to receive.

Does anyone have any clue as to why i'm not getting more of these pesky tourists coming in? I'm really curious if i can make that map have constantly over 100k of them walking around.

Any idea/suggestion/experience is welcome

PS -i placed the stargates right next to the attractions so that they don't have to walk around in search for the attractions.
5y ago
@colyba , glad to see you're on board with the idea :)

so far it's just the two of us showing excitement about this. i'm hoping more will join

on the other hand, i'd like to see some counter-arguments as well . maybe there's a flaw in the idea i didn't think about
5y ago
Just throwing an idea out there and see if it sticks.

I often find myself building 50-200 of the same type of bot so i can build/develop faster, as i am sure many of you do as well.

All is fine and dandy, however i sometimes notice that when i have a very large number of bots working on something or heading towards something, the game tends to slow down a bit and lag because of the path mapping each bot has to do. That's a problem on a PC, i couldn't even imagine how crappy it has to be on a phone/tablet/tv.

Now here's the idea : what if we could merge the bots?

From 2 bots we merge into a brand new lvl 2 bot that inherits the properties of both.
So by this logic, if i had a lvl 100 drone and i would merge with another lvl 3 drone let's say, i would end up with one single lvl 103 drone that has the ability of 103 simple drones. Hope i'm making sense.. think of the merging of bots/workers as a lvl up system :)

Such a feature shouldn't be that hard to implement i think/ hope (only the overlord knows that) and it would definitely solve one of the most irritating issues that bast has been struggling with since the inception of the game.

Thoughts anyone?
5y ago
so i guess it's back to the slave market idea :)
5y ago


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