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Some noobie advice


So you're new to the game and it's all stressful and confusing...

No problem. We're here for you.

First of all, once you're able to make a resource , be it ore, gold, steel etc , spam the hell out of it. Make hundreds of the structure that gives you that particular resource.
When developing, you will need a lot of everything, so might as well make tons of it.

I personally have entire cities (on a region map) dedicated to ONE SINGLE resource !!! Do the same !

IF at one point you end up making to much, no problem :) . Just sell it on the market. Even if it seems like it brings in pennies, it adds up. I made my first billion from selling excess ore on the market alone.

IF you have any questions , feel free to open a topic on the forum, ask on the general chat or join a commonwealth and their discord. You'd be surprised how helpful older players are.

RESEARCH . I can't stress this enough. Have as much as possible. It might seem irrelevant in the beginning, but mid-to-end-game you will need billions of that stuff.

CIVICS - same

HAVE PATIENCE ! Sometimes all you need is a little bit of patience. Leave the game running, go do other stuff while your resources pile up so you can build whatever it was you wanted to build.

DO NOT RUSH TO UNLOCK/RESEARCH THINGS ! Every new thing you unlock requires tons of resources. Make sure you have tons of it to spare before you move on to the next shiny thing.

READ THE FORUM ! There's tons of info here. You'd be surprised how many questions to problems that you didn't even know you had have been answered here :)

I'm sure i'll have more advice to give when i remember it, but for now, follow these basic guidelines and you'll gave a great time with this game .
I like these tips. (•ω•)👍🏻

Yet there's one more advise I can share.

Some resources should be used with care at early stages, ESPECIALLY ALUMINUM if you're playing as humans (United Earth and League of Independent States.)

Aluminum is in limited numbers from mineral deposits before you can build the alien-tech driven aluminum generators. Don't deplete your aluminium before able to produce alien artifacts, otherwise the game cannot proceed.

I mean, just use it carefully. You can use them for useful stuff such as advanced microchip factories and Uranium Enrichment Facilities, for your development needs.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Oh yeah i completely forgot about aluminium :)

However, if you make lots and lots of the other resources and sell them on the market / export them, you'll be able to buy all the aluminium you want in no time.

But yeah, be careful with aluminium kids. It is indeed a precious resource early and mid-game :)
Then again most of the time there is'nt any aluminum on the market so just request in global and some will either sell/lend some to you.
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I am now getting a paltry 6 aluminium from 2 medium recycling centers, and only have 2 dig sites whilst I wait for the alien research to get the alu gens... Completely bottlenecked! Just slowly waiting for the magic 200 alien artifacts so I can pop the alu gens research!

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