Version 1.6 brought with it some interesting changes to the market. Still, i can't help to feel like it's not enough. The price differences between importing and exporting are HUMONGOUS ! (perhaps the new algo will fix that over time, idk.. )

So, i have a suggestion.

Hammer in an import and an export price that never changes. Make importing 10% more expensive than exporting.

So by this logic let's take the price of ore into consideration. I suggest 100 as an export price, and 110 as import. Anything in between leaves room for speculation for players to have fun with.

I personally see it as an easy fix to a problem we've been having for years now.
It also would help new players a lot in their development. It's one thing to import ore at 110 or a complete experience to buy at 3300 as it stands right now.

I hope i'm making sense in my rambling here