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Huge update!

After 2 months of hard work, it's finally out!
The layouts building tool is an advanced tool for creating layouts and exporting them in .mcl format for importing into the game.
You may create layouts from scratch but also import existing .mcl files or even import a city file (even compressed) (.mcx or .mcb) and it will parse out on the grid!

There are so many features, I will let you discover them!
If you have questions or ideas of improvement don't hesitate.

Last but not least, thanks to @gkdkggl for the awesome work on this, and Pavlxiiv and crywolf for testing out!
I have an idea for map layouts, where people put up their map layouts on the forum, possibly with its own file and then when you upload it to your regions, it could be a color-coded or outlined visible representation of the map so you can build the map without messing it up. Maybe, if you have the materials it could be auto placed and then you'd wait for it to be constructed.
5y ago
Here are some of the issues that I've noticed with reptilians while playing them. This is my first time playing them seriously and I've had to start over three times in the past two hours because I encounter major issues with the game. Let me know if I'm just not playing the game right. I use an Iphone xr and I always update to the latest version.

Is it just me, or is immigration supposed to stop on the reptilian's immigration/trading gate once housing is full? The gate will produce colonists as long as you leave it on, housing or not, and it starts when you gain access to water. On my last colony, I had just started out and I was being pummeled with 400+ colonists.

Also, I see no education in sight while playing reptilians. They get so mad and sensitive about education, but there's none there, so any colony that starts with this race is doomed to be forever unhappy.

I also noticed that there are no techs for this race, so I'll chalk it up to the fact that reptilians are still undergoing construction.

Finally, for the most important issue.this is an issue that affects all races, but when we press import or export and the list of resources to export/import is shown, can you make it so that the screen sticks on the last resource you sold or bought so you don't have to scroll down the entire list each time you buy or sell a measely 100 resources? why must it be so tedious? My colony isn't about being tedious, it's about micromanagement. Granted, sometimes it is tedious, and a little bit of tediousness never hurt anyone, but when it get's to the point where you're pressing the same area on the screen over and over again in rapid succession for multiple minutes, that's too much. Pressing two buttons over and over again until your fingers hurt isn't micromanagement, it's idle tapping, something that bast has always said he didn't want to have in the game. If you want to make it so that there are limits and micromanagement involved in exporting/importing on certain buildings, then do it by some other method, not by turning my colony into an idle tapper because you need 10k ore and you can only buy 100 at a time.

Here is a viable solution to the problem above with the exporting/importing:

What if you had the ability to assign each import/export building to an import resource and an export resource. Building multiple of these buildings would allow you to import/export multiple resources at once, but each building would only import/export 100 units(or higher for more advanced buildings) every worker round. After a certain amount of time, the contract will expire and you must renew it in order to start receiving resources again. However, you must pay the transaction costs up front, and if you for some reason need to stop the exports/imports from happening, doing so will cancel the contract, and you'll have to start another contract and repay the transaction fee again. This will allow you to create and micromanage several trade buildings at once, which would still be a challenge because you'd have to keep coming back and checking to see if a contract expired on each building, and you could have the more simpler buildings have shorter contracts, while more advanced buildings get longer contracts, and you could keep count via the worker rounds.

Now for the reptilians basic immigration/trade gate. I feel like it's hard enough to build one of these at the start of the game as is and so it should be able to be assigned to two exports and two imports at once. However, this is a special case only because reptilians need that import/export feature to survive. The humans stargate could also have more assignments as well being that it's pretty expensive. Bast can shape this idea to his liking, but the most important thing to keep in mind in my opinion is that repetition is not the same as micromanagement. Micromanagement requires thought and strategy, repetition only requires hand motion, and is no different than idle tapping.

Let me end by saying that I know that some people aren't going to like this ideas because it means that they can't just spam import/export millions of resource in the end of the game. However, to them I say this: If you can just spam export/import millions of resources in end-game via the stargate or some other means, is that really a challenge? No, it's still the same idle tapping that you have in early-game, except now it's overpowered when it used to be too weak. This feature lacks balance and therefore must be fixed to restore balance to the game. After all, my colony is all about micromanagement, so why not switch this idle tapping method out with a method that actually requires thought and strategy. That way, from early to end game, strategy and at least some measure of micromanagement will be required in exporting/importing.
5y ago
The upcoming My Colony v1.5.0 is making some fairly substantial changes to the way importing/exporting and auto trade works. These changes are something of a conglomeration of different ideas posted about the system in the suggestions forum.

Beginning with the coming update, once you have unlocked the Galactic Board of Trade (or the equivalent building for the other civs), Importing and Exporting resources can then be conducted centrally from the GBT without going to one of the individual import/export buildings. The GBT also unlocks import/export for all resources available on the GBT. Importing and exporting from the GBT gives you the same trade capacity as you would have for buying/selling contracts on the GBT.

When you conduct an import or an export, whether from the GBT or one of the individual buildings, the quantity you bought or sold is now submitted to the server and applied to a "global resource pool." The global resource pool can never run out, so you will always be able to import. However, the pool levels serve to track global trade demand. So (for example) if the global resource pool for a particular resource has run completely dry, this will place upward pressures on the GBT price for these goods, encouraging increased production and sell contracts. The server will also be able to consume GBT contracts in order to restock the global resource pool (contract owner will get paid), if contracts are available.

In addition to this, auto-trade now uses the Import/Export system instead of creating GBT contracts. This means that the prices you get for goods are worse, but it also means that you wont have tons of unsold contracts. The goods you buy and sell on autotrade go through the same global resource pool as regular imports and exports, and will impact prices accordingly.

Of course this change allows you to do things you couldn't before, such as import Ether and Cobalt. I think this is ok though, since it is only allowed once you have the GBT constructed, at which point you could purchase those goods on the market anyway, although this does let you purchase them when none would have otherwise been available. This will however raise the global price of said goods, which should increase production anyway, so I think it will all work out.

This also allows you to sell resources on auto-trade that normally have no demand, such as Food and Water, etc. Again, the prices you get will not be great, but they will be better than the 0 that you would normally get from a returned contract that expired on the GBT.

Regardless, with this new system most of the changes are being done server-side, so they can be tweaked without the need to release a patch to the game, so I think it will all work out. The main idea is to get the auto-trades off of the GBT, which has become flooded with rubbish. The GBT will now be exclusively used for real trades posted by real people.
4y ago
Would this feature allow you to add buildings that have odd-shaped grid layouts besides the normal square and rectungle layouts. For instance, would it be possible to add L, t, or even U or O shaped buildings?
6y ago
Having each city being self sufficient simply isn't viable. Between the sheer size of the optimum efficiency layouts and the scale of resources they need to sustain them. It's simply not practical to have everything on the one map without making it too big, which defeats the purpose of having several small maps instead of one big map.

Take the Centre for artificial learning for instance, it would require a robots layout (which on its own takes a quarter of a small city map) and an alien microchip layout. The Robot layout also needs more microchips, and also aluminum. Aluminum generation means I now need to bring in the centre for relic studies layout (which my layout doesn't fit on a single small map length ways, although it can be modified), and then in order to even use workers in the relic studies you need to then make room for schools.

All of that space used to make a few layouts of what you originally wanted and then have to make another city doing the same even though you still have excess resources. Not trying to be a negative nancy here I just don't see having each district self sufficient as being a viable option in the late game.
5y ago
Wubman said:Having each city being self sufficient simply isn't viable. Between the sheer size of the optimum efficiency layouts and the scale of resources they need to sustain them. It's simply not practical to have everything on the one map without making it too big, which defeats the purpose of having several small maps instead of one big map.

Take the Centre for artificial learning for instance, it would require a robots layout (which on its own takes a quarter of a small city map) and an alien microchip layout. The Robot layout also needs more microchips, and also aluminum. Aluminum generation means I now need to bring in the centre for relic studies layout (which my layout doesn't fit on a single small map length ways, although it can be modified), and then in order to even use workers in the relic studies you need to then make room for schools.

All of that space used to make a few layouts of what you originally wanted and then have to make another city doing the same even though you still have excess resources. Not trying to be a negative nancy here I just don't see having each district self sufficient as being a viable option in the late game.

Well from what you said, you are right that regions as they are right now might not work for your play style. I think the concept will be fun for a lot of people. To say though that the entire idea simply isn't viable just because it can't hold your Relic Studies layout which takes up more than an entire small map, I just do not agree with. But like I said, it might not be viable to your particular play style. But I think you would agree that over the vast majority of players, you are one of the exceptions rather than the norm.

I should note that it is not just small maps, there is also the medium sized map, although that might not help you either. And maybe self sufficient wasn't the right word, as it's not required that the maps are 100% self sufficient. But one thing that is not viable is having all maps running in the background at the same time all producing all of their resources. Just think of the sheer memory and processing power required for that.

Now, it is possible that resource growth/consumption for all maps in the region to be simulated at all times, sort of the way Colonists are now simulated once populations reach > 2000. It will not be 100% accurate as if the colony was actually open, but it can be based on the recent resource growth/consumption trends that occurred the last time that particular colony map was open. That way your factories on map A are still "running" even when you are on map B or C. And perhaps I can add something like that to the next update, if you think it would help your situation.

At the end of the day, the feature is still new, and much more can be changed/added as needed. I might not be able to tailor it exactly to your specific needs, but there will be ways to make it better to fit most peoples needs as good as possible.

Anyway, yes I will be improving it and making it better. No, it might not be the best play mode right now for huge farming operations. But I can see ways to where it can be made to fit that purpose also.
5y ago
Welcome to the Coloniae official thread!

Coloniae is a website where you can access a large variety of services about the game.
It features:

More info on the website!

I'm open to new ideas and improvements. Don't hesitate to suggest anything!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

This thread is to discuss anything about the site.


Why the name Coloniae?
Wikipedia explains it well:
A Roman colonia (plural coloniae) was originally a Roman outpost established in conquered territory to secure it. Eventually, however, the term came to denote the highest status of a Roman city.
It is also the origin of the modern term colony.

Post your question below and maybe it'll go in the FAQ.

Previous to now, Death 3d maps have always been flat, as in all floors and ceilings were at the same height, and all walls were the same height. This made the levels basically flat, similar to Wolfenstein 3d. Today I am happy to announce that in the upcoming Death 3d v0.7.0 patch, the engine now supports map layouts with varying floor/ceiling/wall heights, more similar to Doom. This will allow for far more dynamic map layouts for the upcoming Episode 2 campaign.

Over the last couple of updates, the Death engine has gained floor damage, teleporter, and now height map support. Next on the agenda is support for elevators, as well as custom switches that do other things (lower/raise a floor, teleport in enemies, open or unlock a remote door, etc). These new engine features should make Episode 2 quite a bit more interesting than Ep1 (which is also great, of course).

If you haven't played Episode 1 yet, it's totally free, and you can check it out on Web, Android, Ape Apps Launcher, or Windows 10:

Or you can watch the complete Episode 1 walkthrough here:

Much more greatness for Death 3d to come!

5y ago
Synthetic Crystal is something only the LIS Ice map and Zolarg Ice map can grow. For players to be saying there is too much, it is probably because not enough people have started importing it in order to balance things out. Personally, I haven't gotten around to importing yet and I need it for the tech 'Next Gen Power Production'. Others may be in the same situation.
6y ago
It will take a minim of 10 ship yards to run one star port .
That is unreal . Maybe two ship yards ( after all we are not building row boats here .
Just how many Star ship yards do you think earth would have once we get the teck ?
even importing wont work well as resources degrade and max storage with 10 ship yards and one star port would be under 300 ships Unless you added ships to galactic freight it would be silly importing 100 k ships to end up with 300 ..
Ps Nice building Just wonder did you do the art on this one as there is a glaring art mistake .
Not that you should take my criticism to heart as I cant do 2d art at all lol .

But hey the biggest critics are thous who cant do it . Imange that
O its so Deco and out of vogue says the critic to the artist .
artist ( can you paint ) Critic ( NO ) but i can put your painting down . LOL Oxymoron .
6y ago
With the rising activity and development in Alpha Draconian colonies comes the need for Crystal. Most draconian buildings require crystal during production and, as it stands at the moment, there is no way to get crystal for them beyond harvesting small amounts at a time or importing in 100 packages. It simply can't make enough crystal to fuel it's own growth anymore.

As Draconians are developed and more buildings are added, there will be new buildings that let them import more at once, but that still doesn't give the autonomy that's needed. I'd rather not have a big base then be forced to be importing constantly just to keep up with consumption. I would very much like to see a building that is dedicated to producing crystal.

While humans don't use as much crystal as the draconians, human colonies also can't harvest much without having like a 200x200 block of crystal to harvest. But that's kind of against this recent movement towards cutting down on sizes for performance. I would also like to see a crystal production building in human bases as well.
5y ago
i would really like if the usage of keyboard is increased more in the game play, especially after opening the Stats, using the first letters to navigate within the stats, and then especially while gifting, or exporting/ importing; if the resource can be selected using the Keyboard, it would make our life a lot easier.

i propose the following Hot keys for selecting the resources

A=Alien Artifact




so me, @wubman, @SickSadSaint, and @Sobeirannovaocc were discussing on the topic, on how to make the game keyboard friendly, and less mouse dependent especially for the experienced players but still not let it be too confusing and tedious for the new players.

the first step would be to add another option to Toggle hot keys on/off .the default setting being Off so that the game in beginning is same as it is right now.

another addition would be to have a have a drop down menu and you can search resources like you do in the buildings tab. Just put in AL and it would come up with aluminum etc whenever you are importing/exporting/gifting

now when the hotkeys are off, the cursor would auto focus on the search box, and you can directly type the resource name without using the mouse.
when the hotkeys are toggled On just pressing the hot key for that resource would get you to to the gifting pop up box, or import/export that particular resource.

similarly, the hot keys can be used to navigate through the States and even when a colony's dialogue box is open:

M = message
G = gift
E = embassy
R=rescind charter
T=demand tribute
A=foreign aid

the hot keys in this case would appear if you bring your pointer over the symbol, and the 'name of the symbol, hot key' would be shown
hot keys for resources can be shown to the right of the resource name in the resource list while gifting
5y ago
Once again it is My Colony update time, and v0.83.0 will be heading out to all platforms within the coming days. This release continues the bug bashing series I have been working on, but also implements a few new features that I hope you find useful. Let's take a look!

The first change I want to go over deals with the behavior of the Bulldozer tool, which I outlined in more detail in this thread, but I think it is important enough to mention again because it could potentially cause somebody to nuke a large part of their colony by accident. In prior versions, when you would click on a blank space of the map, it would automatically deactivate the bulldozer so that you wouldn't accidentally click on something and delete it. I have removed this safety feature. I have also made it so that you can do a double click/drag gesture to do mass bulldozing. Since this can potentially be dangerous, activating the bulldozer now makes your resource readout bar red in color, so that you are more aware that the tool is active. Here is a quick video of how the tool now works.

Back in the first update of the game that included the bulldozer (v0.42.0 in August 2017), you could actually somewhat use it like this, but I nerfed it a bit due to players accidentally bulldozing large parts of their colonies. I am hoping that with the red tinted game, the red border around the screen, and the red resource bar, it will be plainly obvious to all that the bulldozer tool is active.

Next up, I have worked with @Sobeirannovaocc to bake the Coloniae ADU service right into the core code of My Colony, allowing it to be used on all versions of the game. Coloniae is a free online service maintained by Sobeirannovaocc that tracks detailed stats and trend histories for online My Colony players. The ADU service is available to all online colonies, and can be turned on by a new setting added to the Statistics screen of your colony.

Keep in mind that Coloniae is a third party service, not supported by Ape Apps. But I am sure that @Sobeirannovaocc will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have about it 🙂

The next few changes involve trade. There have been longstanding issues with the GBT, especially for new players/colonies who cannot buy anything because the lot sizes are so big that they either do not show up in their trades, or they are priced totally out of the market. To try to help make the GBT more useful for newer and more established colonies alike, several new changes have been implemented, the first of which is the auto-trader.

Auto Trade is in it's infancy and will be expanded and refined in future updates, as I am able to monitor it's usage and the impact it has on the market, but here is how it works right now. Auto Trading is off by default, and can be enabled or disabled on a per resource basis.

When the Auto Trader is turned on, every few minutes (it's somewhere between 7 and 10 minutes depending on your device speed) your colonial trade representative will take stock of your auto-trade enabled resources. If your warehouses are full, sell orders will automatically be posted on your behalf. Several trades may be made, representing up to 10% of your supply level. But trades will also be made in lot sizes ranging from small to large, so that all levels of players are able to see and access them in the GBT. The sale prices are based on the current GBT market value of the resource. Before posting a new contract, the Auto Trader will also look at the current Offer contracts, and purchase those if they are a good price and fall within 10% of your total resource level. The auto trader will never just train your supply inventories.

Likewise, the Auto Trader will also make trades for you when your supplies are low. If an auto-trader enabled resource falls below 25% storage level, the Auto Trader will check the market for reasonably priced offers, and purchase them. The Auto Trader will not spend more than 2.5% of your total money on a transaction. If no contracts are available within those parameters, a new offer contract will be posted instead.

Obviously the usage of the Auto Trader will largely depend on the number of people who enable it, since there ultimately needs to be two parties for each transaction. I am hoping that once more players begin activating the auto trade feature, the GBT will fill up with actual useful contracts instead of just the insane offers that almost nobody can afford or even has storage for.

I got the auto trading idea after reading this post by @Conco2 related to the in-game GDP calculation. It occurred to me that there are so many late game colonies that are just fully stocked on all resources, and so their factories really aren't producing anything since all storage is full. Because of this, GDP is stagnant since nothing new is being created. I figured it would be helpful to set up a way to automatically export those goods without even having to think about it, since a real life economy also has to have exports in order to grow. Since the GBT was being underutilized anyway, I figured I would give this idea a shot.

To emphasize the importing and exporting aspect of the economy, the game now keeps track internally of the dollar value of your annual trade income and losses. Graphs for these stats will be making their way to the Economy statistics tab soon.

The Auto Trader will need tweaking and will probably have some user customization input options in the future. I just wanted to get the concept out there and see how it actually works, and then go from there.

After implementing the Auto Trader, it occurred to me that the GBT would be loaded with Food, Water, Ore, and other low end resource contracts that nobody needs by the time they build the GBT. To help with this, I added a new feature to the regular, non-GBT trade buildings. Now, any building that allows resource importing will also allow you to purchase GBT contracts that fall within the building's trade capacity level.

For example, the Galactic Freight can now purchase any contracts from the GBT that have a unit size of 1,000 or less. This should actually be really helpful for newer players, as it will allow them to buy needed goods without paying the standard 50% import fee, offering an extreme discount from the normal import prices, while at the same time helping later-game players who are auto-selling contracts using the GBT. The way I see it, it's a win-win for all.

I am hopeful that these new trade related features will help address some of the problems with the GBT and online trading in general. Of course, it could also make things worse. You never know!

The final change I want to highlight was a requested feature for blank region maps. They will no longer create a river on map types that include a river by default.

There were other little changes that you might notice here and there, but this about covers the big things. Let me know what you think and what issues you find. The update should be hitting all platforms with the next few days, so be on the lookout, thanks for playing, and stay tuned for more My Colony!
5y ago

Version 1.6 brought with it some interesting changes to the market. Still, i can't help to feel like it's not enough. The price differences between importing and exporting are HUMONGOUS ! (perhaps the new algo will fix that over time, idk.. )

So, i have a suggestion.

Hammer in an import and an export price that never changes. Make importing 10% more expensive than exporting.

So by this logic let's take the price of ore into consideration. I suggest 100 as an export price, and 110 as import. Anything in between leaves room for speculation for players to have fun with.

I personally see it as an easy fix to a problem we've been having for years now.
It also would help new players a lot in their development. It's one thing to import ore at 110 or a complete experience to buy at 3300 as it stands right now.

I hope i'm making sense in my rambling here
4y ago
Hello guys.

Just some suggestions on a different version of importing.

Importing would be available once you have built an Airdrop Pad. You can order a variety of resources from, primarily headquarters from Earth, secondarily from other colonies. All import orders costs some credits.
However the resource would not arrive immediately, and each Airdrop Pad only supports one trade at a time. Until the ordered supplies has arrived, you cannot order more items using the same Airdrop Pad.

Exporting can be done with a Cargo Dock, which also supports a larger amount of imports at the same time. If the goods are exported to Earth, you gain credits (and maybe loyalty points if we have quests). If the goods are exported to your partner colonies, lesser credits in most cases, but it can improve your prestige in the area.
Similarly, the export is not instantaneous too. You won't get credits immediately when you export, you have to wait for the return of the cargo ship.
I had a request from an EZ Register user to be able to import data from a now defunct Android app called simply Checkbook, created by Digital Life Solutions, LLC. I looked into the Checkbook app, and saw that when you exported the account data as a spreadsheet, you were actually given a standard .csv file. EZ Register v1.14.0 and above now has the ability to import this .csv data directly into an account. Although this feature was designed specifically to import data from the Checkbook app, it can be used to import any data that is saved in .csv format, so long as the data is arranged in the same way.

The only real requirement is that your .csv columns (fields) be arranged in the following order: "category","description","value","date","check number","memo". The export on the old Checkbook app does this automatically, but you can also create data in a standard spreadsheet application like Excel or Libreoffice Calc and save it as a .csv file, and EZ Register will be able to import it, so long as the columns are arranged in the same order. Below is some sample .csv data:
"category","description","value","date","check number","memo"
"Starting Balance","Starting Balance","20.23","Mon May 31 09:09:41 CDT 2021","","null"
"Allowance","a cool deposit","52.0","Mon May 31 09:39:41 CDT 2021","",""
"Food","mcdonalds","-16.25","Mon May 31 09:40:41 CDT 2021","13",""
In a spreadsheet application, the same data may look like this:

categorydescriptionvaluedatecheck numbermemo
Starting BalanceStarting Balance20.23Mon May 31 09:09:41 CDT 2021
Allowancea cool deposit52.00Mon May 31 09:39:41 CDT 2021
Foodmcdonalds-16.25Mon May 31 09:40:41 CDT 202113

Either way, once you have your *.csv file, importing it into EZ Register is fairly straight forward. Create a new account in your ledger for the data, and then once in the account, select Import .csv from the menu, and choose your data. Your account will be populated with your exported transactions.

That's all there is to it! If you have issues or questions with this feature, feel free to reply to this thread.
3y ago
I have a few ideas for Water World that will make it somewhat viable as a trading colony.

One of them is the Cargo Port

Cargo Port


Tech Req: Water World Base, Large Scale Construction, Galactic Commerce

Built on water

"This Cargo Port provides access to the galactic equities market, and provides greater trade with other water worlds."

Built by: Megabot, Megabot Deluxe

Cost: 2.000 ore, 350 steel, 150 microchip, 200 aluminum, 500 gold, 250 wheel, 100 wood, 2.500 money.

Utilities: 25 Power

Can build: Sea Rover, Sea Rover Deluxe, Sea Rover Premium.

Allows access to GBT trades
Allows importing and exporting

Can import (offline): Fish, Salt Water, Ore, Regolith, Steel, Food, Water, Gold, Aluminum, Microchip, Diamond, Oil, Plastic, Antanium, Toy, Robot.

Provides Gifting Capacity: 50.000 (for other water worlds), 5.000 (for everybody else)

Special: Allows for you to gift 5x the gifting capacity of the recipient, ignoring your own gifting capacity. This becomes 10x the gifting capacity for other colonies on a multiplayer region. This only applies to water worlds.

Employs: 36

Occupation: Blue Collar

Tax Value: $30

And its Large counterpart:

Large Cargo Port


Built on water, next to shore

Tech Req: Water World Base, Tall Construction, Galactic Finance Theory

Built by: Sea Rover, Sea Rover Deluxe, Sea Rover Premium

Can Build: Cargo Ship

Cost: 200.000 ore, 150.000 steel, 100.000 gold, 50.000 microchips, 10.000 aluminum, 5.000 software, 2.500 wheel, 50.000 wood, 3.000.000 money, 5.000 civics.

Utilities: 2.000 power, 600 bandwidth

"A massive undertaking to build, this large cargo port is the ultimate in sea-based trade."

Allows access to GBT Trades

Allows importing and exporting

Provides Gifting Capacity: 50.000 (Base), 5.000.000 (water worlds)

Special: (Improved): 5x recipient's gifting capacity, regardless of world type. 50x Recipient's gifting capacity (mp regions). (New): 50% less commission fees (Becomes extremely useful end-game) (New): 25x recipient's gifting capacity, water world only. (New): Present Cargo Ship units add 5% to gifting capacity.

Workers: 360

Occupation: Blue Collar

Tax Value: $15.000

What got me into playing My Colony was a smartphone app, which my smartphone wasn't able to take. I'm currently playing it on my laptop, letting my colonists harvest stuff while I do other work (an idle game, heh).

I just built my colony, and after looking at the other colonies here that have been built, I realized that mine looks like a total, disorganized mess - in total an urban planning nightmare. The first time I played this game, there were no lights, no day-night cycles, but a recent update just added them.

I need help with a building layout that allows me to have a landing memorial in the center, while maximizing the work-to-population ratio (should ideally be somewhere near 1:1) and taking into the account the necessary light posts.

Please note, I am not a premium user, which means I cannot just sandbox anytime I want.
6y ago
If you have the resources, just experiment. That is the fun of the game :)
6y ago
mines a total mess too but i don't care for now i just want those resources and civic points as quick as possible so i can create my new commonwealth after 6 months away from the game! i will just bulldozer the map when i have the capacity up enough
6y ago
There is a right way, but it's better if you do it "Your" way. I experimented with a "grid" like system and it worked out decently. After letting my resources gain, I'd do construction or reconstruction on specific sections of my base. Each section has its own job/house/entertainment ratios.
6y ago
this is why I have had like 30 colonies and start new games after about 20,000 souls. aside from grids, I have also had luck building colonies on a spiral and in bunches of clumps. when chain building became a feature it became so much easier to build in long lines. so that's a thing, too
6y ago
Example of my Grid

EDIT: Nvm won't let me upload screenshot...
6y ago
Can someone please explain just how this works? Homelessness is, well... homelessness - self explanatory. Poverty being the essential food and water, health is dependant on if hospitals are available to the colonists and if your atmosphere is over 15m. Unemployment again is self explanatory and fatigue is something you get if your workers have to walk more than 20 tiles from their housing. Depression I guess relates to either how much money you pay your colonists or colonist deaths or both.

With that in mind, I have no homelessness, poverty, depression, health problems and fatigue shouldn't be a problem based on my layouts for walking distances due to my arcologies. So why is it that my approval ratings INSTANTLY goes from 100% to 60% every hour or two, which causes colonists to leave jobs, which causes more unemployment. Granted the unemployment is very small, but it is consistently dropping from very high percentages to very low percentages on a whim and I can't tell why. Trash is low as well.
I just don't know what I'm doing wrong, what I'm supposed to do to fix this and keep it more consistent. So based on my description of my understanding of approval ratings, would you say that is accurate? Am I missing some fundamental function of the game and that's why the approval rating cuts in half almost instantly? I'm asking you guys this because I just don't know anymore, my last base was ruined because of this. All arcology buildings so entertainment isn't a problem, all the workers don't need to walk far either. So What gives? Why did that colony suddenly decide that each other were more tasty than the food they were supposed to be producing?

6y ago
JaxxSilva said:Is there a fatigue element to being educated if they are built far away?
Does getting an education permanently increase your IQ or does it need to be maintained?
Will deporting people have an effect on happiness?

I would also like to know if learning is a skill colonists can do regardless of distance between the colleges and housing. There are workers for such buildings that I assume works the same as per normal.

One other thing, if the game is moving towards the direction of being able to switch the orientation of buildings I believe all platforms require a way to switch the orientation before placement, not just desktop versions. Otherwise desktop version will be the only way to create those more complicated layouts that use the orientation to its advantage.

I like this idea of an education system in my colony so far, I do not believe that distance should effect students for ease of access or at the very least have the fatigue distance much larger than working conditions.

I look forward to further updates
6y ago
It would be awesome if you could make a tree farm layouts or something :) @Sobeirannovaocc
5y ago
Ok it was worth a try lol I could really use the large map for a couple of layouts and deleting trees and sugar on some of the bug maps is crazy to keep up with
5y ago
cry8wolf9 said:Ok it was worth a try lol I could really use the large map for a couple of layouts and deleting trees and sugar on some of the bug maps is crazy to keep up with

Ok, I will add the ability to make a new region map be totally blank.
5y ago
Hey sirdrew,

I think the most likely thing to happen with regions is that eventually the entire region map will be proceedurally generated before you can even select a square to settle, creating islands, rivers, lakes, and continents that crisscross the whole map. The terrain in each grid-square would fit together smoothly, just as the pieces of a puzzle fit together smoothly. Bast may add the ability to create custom region maps, which would be awesome, but I think the default map should be procedurally generated.
5y ago
I was more thinking towards the idea that if someone had a map of buildings and wanted to share it you could implement it without having to build all of the buildings, making it very easy to build resource maps.
5y ago
Since first coming up with the idea and implementing the engine for Death 3d, I have learned a lot more about javascript graphics rendering, and as such I have decided to undertake the work to completely rewrite the Death 3d rendering engine from the current software canvas model, porting it over to WebGL. This change allows for better performance, higher resolutions, floor/ceiling textures, and dynamic lights, among other things. The work started earlier this week, and a lot of progress has already been made. For example, see below for the same scene, first rendered with the current Death 3d engine, and then below using the new WebGL engine.

The current Death 3d software rendering engine

The upcoming WebGL based rendering engine
Most of the work remaining is related to reworking some maps to be compatible with the new engine. For example, most of the current maps were not designed with lighting in mind, and so in many areas, the placement of ceiling lights either doesn't make sense or just does not exist, leaving rooms either too dark or looking strange. Also, since the old floor casting work was only experimental, most levels do not yet include floor and ceiling map layouts, and those will have to be added to each. There is also a whole new wave of visual improvements that I can add to the existing maps by taking advantage of new features that I have added to the new rendering engine.

The current Death 3d software rendering engine

The current Death 3d software rendering engine
While not many people play Death 3d (yet!), the performance gains made by porting to WebGL will allow me to bring the game to other platforms where it previously was not possible, such as iOS and Amazon Fire tablet and TV devices. And if nothing else, the work done on rewriting the engine has gone a long way towards increasing my knowledge of WebGL programming, and will be helpful to use on other projects in the future.

This is but the first of several changes I have in store for Death 3d. When the new engine is complete, I want to finish off the single player campaign, which is currently incomplete. Some of the existing maps will be reworked, as the new lighting effects allows for adding an element of suspense/fear to the game which was currently not possible. I also plan big updates to the multiplayer game, adding different game types, teams, capture the flag games, and more. I also plan on implementing an always on WebSocket based multiplayer server hosted by Ape Apps, so that even people on the web version of the game can play online multiplayer. There will also be a new game lobby making multiplayer matchmaking easier.

Even though Death 3d is not one of my more popular titles, it is still one of my favorite projects. I used to love making maps for Doom when I was a kid, and that was the main reason I had with making Death 3d (which is why the game has the map editor built-in). I plan to keep improving the engine and adding features until I think it matches or surpasses the old school Doom engine, at which point I may start porting the engine work over to different game genres that I have in mind.

5y ago
There's lots of places that have layouts already. Like in the discord federation you are a part of for example :)
5y ago
There's lots of places that have layouts already. Like in the discord federation you are a part of for example :)
5y ago
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