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Star Port @ Ship yard

It will take a minim of 10 ship yards to run one star port .
That is unreal . Maybe two ship yards ( after all we are not building row boats here .
Just how many Star ship yards do you think earth would have once we get the teck ?
even importing wont work well as resources degrade and max storage with 10 ship yards and one star port would be under 300 ships Unless you added ships to galactic freight it would be silly importing 100 k ships to end up with 300 ..
Ps Nice building Just wonder did you do the art on this one as there is a glaring art mistake .
Not that you should take my criticism to heart as I cant do 2d art at all lol .

But hey the biggest critics are thous who cant do it . Imange that
O its so Deco and out of vogue says the critic to the artist .
artist ( can you paint ) Critic ( NO ) but i can put your painting down . LOL Oxymoron .
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