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[NEW : My Colony 2 Update] Coloniae Official Thread

Welcome to the Coloniae official thread!

Coloniae is a website where you can access a large variety of services about the game.
It features:

More info on the website!

I'm open to new ideas and improvements. Don't hesitate to suggest anything!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

This thread is to discuss anything about the site.


Why the name Coloniae?
Wikipedia explains it well:
A Roman colonia (plural coloniae) was originally a Roman outpost established in conquered territory to secure it. Eventually, however, the term came to denote the highest status of a Roman city.
It is also the origin of the modern term colony.

Post your question below and maybe it'll go in the FAQ.

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This website is great, if you want info on a colony use it :). I would personally vouch for it as I use it all the time. Especially with the top ten of GDP and pop.
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Please note this has been replaced by the new Resource Comparator

Check out the new Resource Converter!

Converts any resource at the current exchange rate on the GBT.

Creator of Coloniae

Make technical analysis on the gbt with the new OHLCV Charts!

Displays a chart of the open, close prices (open is midnight, close is 11:59 pm), highest, lowest prices (during the day), volume traded, and RSI

NB : prices are per 100.
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It would be awesome if you could make a tree farm layouts or something :) @Sobeirannovaocc
Please Join my commonwealth :) CSVi7f9z
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You or anyone can make one and upload it, that's what it's meant for!
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There is a typo on the website

Charts not chars
Please Join my commonwealth :) CSVi7f9z
A Mage in NOZ
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New year, new website!

Coloniae has been heavily redesigned, both frontend and backend. In Coloniae 2.0, enjoy a better looking website and new features, like the new Resource Comparator and the player panels.

Much more to come, stay tuned!
Creator of Coloniae

New feature!

Today I added a new feature to Coloniae : see the GBT without having to enter the game.
It is also possible to fetch the contracts that were on the GBT for past days (since 5 December 2018 with a 3 minutes interval).
I should add soon the open contracts on the colonies webpage (where there is the history charts).


Creator of Coloniae

Little addition, GBT contracts are now viewable on any colony page and player page :

And I've added soon expiring contracts and price colors based on the average price, green if 20% cheaper and red if 20% more expensive.

Creator of Coloniae

My Colony

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