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Coloniae is a website where you can access a large variety of services about the game.
It features:

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I'm open to new ideas and improvements. Don't hesitate to suggest anything!
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Why the name Coloniae?
Wikipedia explains it well:
A Roman colonia (plural coloniae) was originally a Roman outpost established in conquered territory to secure it. Eventually, however, the term came to denote the highest status of a Roman city.
It is also the origin of the modern term colony.

Post your question below and maybe it'll go in the FAQ.

Coloniae gives us now an information about how we play My Colony. Just look at those yummy cookies, I mean charts, isn't they simply gorgeous?: Game Stats.

For example it can be seen now under "Civilizations" link that United Earth still holds firmly as the most popular faction with over 76 % of all colonies. League of Independent States occupy the second place with little more than 10 %. And mighty Zolarg Empire stands in the proud third place with well over 9 % of all inhabited space.

And the sum of the population of all online colonies stays at 1.147.599.333 colonists. Compare it to estimated real population of our old good Earth: 7.794.798.739 and counting! (data: Worldometer)
4y ago
New year, new website!

Coloniae has been heavily redesigned, both frontend and backend. In Coloniae 2.0, enjoy a better looking website and new features, like the new Resource Comparator and the player panels.

Much more to come, stay tuned!
To be exact , Coloniae sync is called ADU in Coloniae and it works : (although the name is wrong, it's the name of the other colony because it's fetched from but account is correct)
Being listed on Coloniae has nothing to do with this parameter that you activate in game, it happens if you are listed on the sectors api : which is not the case for HWPx9Xrt.
In fact if you look at , it is listed as location 0,0 sector 0,0 which is a bug. This is not the first time it has happened, but it is the first time that the charter was used before by someone else
Sobeirannovaocc said: coming sooooon

We will need to discuss automated stat reporting endpoints, as I want to add the feature into the game for v0.21.0, but it can't work the same was as it did in MC1 and needs to be made a little more generic.

Given the modding capabilities of MC2, it is conceivable that some future mod creator would want their game stats reported to their own server somewhere instead of to coloniae. Also with the potential for so many games to have differing data sets, we will need to make sure to compare "apples to apples" when putting together a database of colony statistics.

I am going to add a new field to the Metadata section of the Game Editor for stat collection endpoint URLs. Multiple URL's will be permitted, separated by commas, and the game will report information by the minute. Reporting will only be done by the Server instance, not by client players connected to the server.

The data will be sent using standard HTTP post, maybe with a custom header to signify that it is coming from the MC2 client. I don't know if maybe it should also have some sort of rudimentary authentication system, like maybe the MC2 client will need to first get an access key of some sort from the reporting end point that can be included with all posts. Clearly with MC2 since anyone can just look at the endpoint URLs in the game editor, it's not going to be totally secure, but we are just collecting raw stats without any secure info. I just don't want people to be able to abuse it and goose their stats somehow, although it could also be made sufficiently complicated to where it's not easy to send bad data anyway. I mean technically someone could send their own MC1 data to Coloniae right now if they wanted to dig into the MC1 source code and look at how it works.

Really it could just be on the endpoint maintainer to see where the request is coming from, and to look at the data and see if it seems legit. All real MC2 requests will either be coming from or the Android/iOS client, so anything else could be considered a bad request.

Anyway, the posts made to the endpoint, besides for data related to the game world, should also include the Game Identifier uuid string from the Metadata game object so that info from different mods can be segregated, as well as client version, a checksum of all of the gamedata objects so that you can easily tell what data is coming from the same version/client, etc. Perhaps when a world is first loaded, it can also post that same checksum along with a list of all game data items installed, so there can be a reference there too.

Anyway, I want to start testing some basic stat collection with v0.21.0. I am going to set up my own stat collection endpoint for testing, and if you want to make one for Coloniae @Sobeirannovaocc then let me know and I can get an endpoint URL added to the official Metadata game object. You can just create a dummy script there for the time being and develop it later if you want.

Also sobe at some point soon here I am just going to purchase a cloud server instance for Coloniae and give you access to it. My internet connection (and electric utility) has not proven to be good enough to host a production website, lol.
2y ago

Here is the Coloniae endpoint for stats collection :

Put this url inside the Statistics window of your world :

and you will soon get listed on Coloniae ! See the Worlds Index here with all worlds using the service.

Note that it only works for server owners. If you play on someone else's server, ask them to add the endpoint. If you are playing on your own save, this means you have an "embedded server" so you can add it yourself.

As of 6 May 2022 this is still in the very early stages !
Once again it is My Colony update time, and v0.83.0 will be heading out to all platforms within the coming days. This release continues the bug bashing series I have been working on, but also implements a few new features that I hope you find useful. Let's take a look!

The first change I want to go over deals with the behavior of the Bulldozer tool, which I outlined in more detail in this thread, but I think it is important enough to mention again because it could potentially cause somebody to nuke a large part of their colony by accident. In prior versions, when you would click on a blank space of the map, it would automatically deactivate the bulldozer so that you wouldn't accidentally click on something and delete it. I have removed this safety feature. I have also made it so that you can do a double click/drag gesture to do mass bulldozing. Since this can potentially be dangerous, activating the bulldozer now makes your resource readout bar red in color, so that you are more aware that the tool is active. Here is a quick video of how the tool now works.

Back in the first update of the game that included the bulldozer (v0.42.0 in August 2017), you could actually somewhat use it like this, but I nerfed it a bit due to players accidentally bulldozing large parts of their colonies. I am hoping that with the red tinted game, the red border around the screen, and the red resource bar, it will be plainly obvious to all that the bulldozer tool is active.

Next up, I have worked with @Sobeirannovaocc to bake the Coloniae ADU service right into the core code of My Colony, allowing it to be used on all versions of the game. Coloniae is a free online service maintained by Sobeirannovaocc that tracks detailed stats and trend histories for online My Colony players. The ADU service is available to all online colonies, and can be turned on by a new setting added to the Statistics screen of your colony.

Keep in mind that Coloniae is a third party service, not supported by Ape Apps. But I am sure that @Sobeirannovaocc will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have about it 🙂

The next few changes involve trade. There have been longstanding issues with the GBT, especially for new players/colonies who cannot buy anything because the lot sizes are so big that they either do not show up in their trades, or they are priced totally out of the market. To try to help make the GBT more useful for newer and more established colonies alike, several new changes have been implemented, the first of which is the auto-trader.

Auto Trade is in it's infancy and will be expanded and refined in future updates, as I am able to monitor it's usage and the impact it has on the market, but here is how it works right now. Auto Trading is off by default, and can be enabled or disabled on a per resource basis.

When the Auto Trader is turned on, every few minutes (it's somewhere between 7 and 10 minutes depending on your device speed) your colonial trade representative will take stock of your auto-trade enabled resources. If your warehouses are full, sell orders will automatically be posted on your behalf. Several trades may be made, representing up to 10% of your supply level. But trades will also be made in lot sizes ranging from small to large, so that all levels of players are able to see and access them in the GBT. The sale prices are based on the current GBT market value of the resource. Before posting a new contract, the Auto Trader will also look at the current Offer contracts, and purchase those if they are a good price and fall within 10% of your total resource level. The auto trader will never just train your supply inventories.

Likewise, the Auto Trader will also make trades for you when your supplies are low. If an auto-trader enabled resource falls below 25% storage level, the Auto Trader will check the market for reasonably priced offers, and purchase them. The Auto Trader will not spend more than 2.5% of your total money on a transaction. If no contracts are available within those parameters, a new offer contract will be posted instead.

Obviously the usage of the Auto Trader will largely depend on the number of people who enable it, since there ultimately needs to be two parties for each transaction. I am hoping that once more players begin activating the auto trade feature, the GBT will fill up with actual useful contracts instead of just the insane offers that almost nobody can afford or even has storage for.

I got the auto trading idea after reading this post by @Conco2 related to the in-game GDP calculation. It occurred to me that there are so many late game colonies that are just fully stocked on all resources, and so their factories really aren't producing anything since all storage is full. Because of this, GDP is stagnant since nothing new is being created. I figured it would be helpful to set up a way to automatically export those goods without even having to think about it, since a real life economy also has to have exports in order to grow. Since the GBT was being underutilized anyway, I figured I would give this idea a shot.

To emphasize the importing and exporting aspect of the economy, the game now keeps track internally of the dollar value of your annual trade income and losses. Graphs for these stats will be making their way to the Economy statistics tab soon.

The Auto Trader will need tweaking and will probably have some user customization input options in the future. I just wanted to get the concept out there and see how it actually works, and then go from there.

After implementing the Auto Trader, it occurred to me that the GBT would be loaded with Food, Water, Ore, and other low end resource contracts that nobody needs by the time they build the GBT. To help with this, I added a new feature to the regular, non-GBT trade buildings. Now, any building that allows resource importing will also allow you to purchase GBT contracts that fall within the building's trade capacity level.

For example, the Galactic Freight can now purchase any contracts from the GBT that have a unit size of 1,000 or less. This should actually be really helpful for newer players, as it will allow them to buy needed goods without paying the standard 50% import fee, offering an extreme discount from the normal import prices, while at the same time helping later-game players who are auto-selling contracts using the GBT. The way I see it, it's a win-win for all.

I am hopeful that these new trade related features will help address some of the problems with the GBT and online trading in general. Of course, it could also make things worse. You never know!

The final change I want to highlight was a requested feature for blank region maps. They will no longer create a river on map types that include a river by default.

There were other little changes that you might notice here and there, but this about covers the big things. Let me know what you think and what issues you find. The update should be hitting all platforms with the next few days, so be on the lookout, thanks for playing, and stay tuned for more My Colony!
5y ago
So I'm getting the finishing touches put on My Colony v0.94.0 which should be hitting all devices within the coming days. This is yet another I.T. content update, with a few other goodies and changes thrown in for good measure. Let's take a look!

To begin with, I did not even realize that the Custom Map feature had been broken for some time now. The game could load old custom maps just fine, but newly created maps were not working, resulting in the user seeing a blank black screen when trying to start up a custom map. The issue was with the way Custom Maps were being saved. This has been corrected, but any custom map made between client versions v0.86.0 and v0.93.0 will not function. You can create new custom maps now without issue.

Next, since the previously added Online Black Market Office was a bit overpowered, it has now lost the ability to produce Starships and Ether. All other stats on the building remain the same.

I have switched the in-game 'Online Reference' link (found in the Encyclopedia) over to the updated reference maintained on the Coloniae website. Coloniae is operated and maintained by @Sobeirannovaocc and has really grown into an awesome resource for all My Colony players, so if you haven't checked the page out yet, go ahead and do that!

I have added Plastic import/export functionality to the StarGate and Star Port buildings. I didn't even realize that it had been missing!

In addition to the above, I have made some further (albeit minor) tweaks to both the touch/mobile, and the TV interface for the game.

There have been long standing reports about inaccurate Entertainment building stats and other strangeness. I can't reliably reproduce this issue, but I have made some changes to how Entertainment is managed and calculated, so if you were having issues before, please check again and let me know if the changes help.

Moving on to content, this update adds more I.T. stuff, with a lot more still to come. Firstly, the new tech Mass Data Management has been added for Human civilizations, unlocking much needed buildings with higher Bandwidth output. These buildings are the Large Server Building for U.E., and the Proxy Server Building for L.I.S.. Both Human civs get a new minor building, the Old Electronics Chop Shop, which converts old Toys and Plastic into Microchips.

For Zolarg players, we now have our first Insectoid educational building, the Mound of Scholars! Additionally, there is now finally an upgrade to the Paste Tank, the new Smart Paste Tank, which is essentially a networked Paste Tank with microchips and way higher output.

Finally, Premium users get a new Reptilian entertainment/civics structure, the Live Autopsy Lab. This is just a small gag type building that I saw in the suggestions. Basically, it features a Reptilian cutting up a poor Insectoid and waving his head around for public display.

Oh, those silly Reptilians.

Anyway, that wraps it up for today's update. I am going to try to keep up the weekly update schedule for My Colony, since I think it's been going pretty good here. So keep the suggestions and bug reports coming, and stay tuned for more!
4y ago
Coloniae 3 is out now!

I have it all explained in detail here!
The yearly large update is here!

Full article here:
Just in time for the weekend (if you are using the PWA at least), the My Colony 2 v0.23.0 update is now available, bringing a lot of goodies that I hope think you are going to love. So what's new in this release? Let's take a look!

To begin with, continuing work from the last two releases of My Colony 2, more structure voxel models have been separated from the data files, further reducing initial game load times, particularly on mobile devices. This should especially help on lower memory devices, as some were crashing from the sheer size of the overall MC2 data file during initial load.

Next up, as I mentioned in another thread, all My Colony 2 game statistics are now being automatically logged to the Coloniae service that @Sobeirannovaocc is maintaining. The My Colony 2 implementation of Coloniae is still in development, but you can find it at the following URL to track it's progression. Check it out, see if you can find your own world statistics, and be sure to give Sobe your feedback!

In addition, all new colonies in MC2 are now being automatically added to the mc2global Universe, as outlined in this thread. This will be the default global universe for all new MC2 games, and if you want to join it with your existing colony, simply click on the thread I just posted for instructions.

Next up, commenters in the various app stores have long been requesting that MC2 contain some sort of hints or tutorials such as those found in the original My Colony. So I have started to add helpful dialogs to the game at various points.

More exciting than the tutorials though, are the manner in which they have been implemented. Some time ago, there was a request for some scripting capabilities to be added to MC2 that creators could use for different types of mods. I started implementing it by adding some flag properties to units, structures, worlds, and civs, but then forgot about it, until @Luker124 recently reminded me that they would be helpful for a mod he is planning. As a result, you will now see a new Scripting section in the Game Editor.

I will make a more detailed post on scripting at some point, but it basically works like this. Certain entities (units, structures mainly, but also civs and worlds) can set either a Player Flag or a Global Flag when they are built/come into the game. A Player Flag pertains to the player who triggered the event, and a Global Flag pertains to the entire server. When a flag is triggered, the engine looks through all of the available scripts, and then will run any script that is triggered by the trigger flag.

The engine remembers which players have used which flag, so they can only be triggered once, unless a script gives a "clear flag" command. You can see the currently available script actions in the screenshot above. A script may contain one or more actions, and can call subsequent scripts by setting flags itself.

I plan to use this new flag/script feature to implement something suggested by @GeneralWadaling some months ago, whereby you could discover interesting terrains which would then unlock things. My thinking is that you could discover alien artifacts/tech that would then unlock certain structures that were not available otherwise through the tech tree.

The possibilities are vast though, so it will be interesting to see what modders come up with. The scripting framework is still in its infancy, so try it out and let me know what additions or improvements you would like to see. I foresee eventually being able to make a wide variety of different types of mods with this feature, not even limited to colony builder games.

Next up we come to a new addition that everybody has been asking for since MC2 was first made public, and I am talking about the return of the Bulldozer!

There is now a new toolbar above the build options sidebar. Currently it only has a bulldozer, but that will probably be expanded at some point. As in MC1, the bulldozer mode will turn your interface red so that you do not forget you are in a destructive mode. Unlike MC1, bulldozing a structure will now actually sell it instead of just destroy, so that it is actually more like a quick-sell option than anything else.

Besides just structures, Roads can now finally be removed too, using the bulldozer. This has been one of the top requests for a long time, and now it is a reality. This actually required a pretty substantial rewrite to how roads work, which I outlined in another thread a few weeks ago. But the work is done and the feature is here now. In the coming updates, I plan on also allowing roads to be built pretty much anywhere, not just within the confines of your own settlement, allowing vast highways to be buily across your world!

Moving on, the engine will now enforce structures that have a Settlement Level requirement (currently, only a handful of structures do). You will see this when viewing structure costs on the sidebar. Settlements are leveled up using Civics, and you can level up your settlement by selecting it from the Statistics window.

Now on to new content, as three new Techs have been added in this update: Low Atmospheric Zoology, Advanced Security and Advanced Robotics! Along with the techs, we have two additional resources added to the mix, Cloth and Robots.

Of course, there are new structures here too. The Fish Hatchery is back from MC1, allowing you to breed fish for food. The Outhouse is here, which I think was something of a gag model that GeneralWadaling sent me, but I turned it into an early game sanitation (medical) facility that you can build early on, before you can afford an infirmary. Next we have the Synthetic Textile Lab for creating cloth, and the Robotics Factory for making robots. There is a decorative United Earth Flag that takes on the color of your settlement, and the Storage Yard is a new upgrade to the Raw Materials Depot, allowing you to store way more raw materials than you previously could. Finally, the new War Factory will allow you to build this updates' new military unit, the Main Battle Tank!

All in all, there is a lot here in this update, and I hope you guys like it! So check it out, as it should be hitting all platforms over the coming days, and if you don't want to wait, fire up the web app now at the following URL. Until then, thanks for playing, and have a good weekend!

1y ago
Please note this has been replaced by the new Resource Comparator

Check out the new Resource Converter!

Converts any resource at the current exchange rate on the GBT.

New feature!

Today I added a new feature to Coloniae : see the GBT without having to enter the game.
It is also possible to fetch the contracts that were on the GBT for past days (since 5 December 2018 with a 3 minutes interval).
I should add soon the open contracts on the colonies webpage (where there is the history charts).


Yeah the race/planet filter would be necessary. I actually started working on it before but it's not as easy as it may sound ;). Will get there eventually though.
For the resources though, you can just search for it and it displays all the buildings that produce this resource, as well as the storage buildings and harvesting methods.

The commenting idea would basically make it like a semi-wiki? It's not a bad idea. I'm currently implementing the ability to be logged in with your ape apps account in all Coloniae pages so it would be pretty straightforward to implement.

Oh wow this is actually a formidable idea! I would love to make that. Will stat working on it as soon as I get the chance ;). In fact, ADU has all the data for vehicles (bots) and resources, but it's missing techs. This can be easily added in an update of the game though.

ACC 7-7: Changes

What a sitting was yesterday in Colonial Assembly! Chair tried to calm down right honourable members of the Assembly, rather in vain, and one could even hear shouts like “treason”, “off with him”, and so on in the debating chamber.

And why all this?

During the yesterday morning session a motion has been proposed to sever ties with Restoria’s metropolis, Commonwealth of homey and changing it to the Commonwealth of Bait. As was stated in the motion paper, there was a risk of lack of effective communication with Commonwealth of homey. Restoria’s Administration was afraid that this state of affairs was dangerous for such a young, small colony like ours.

However not all honourable members of Colonial Assembly shared that view. Those not in an Administration majority accused the rest of – to say it simple – treason. Opposition leader The Hon. Eustace Cary MCA argued that a big part in putting such motion on the table was that there where other High Powers willing to accept colonies under their leadership in exchange for some gifts.

Majority leader The Rt Hon. Elias Coffyn MCA stated that indeed there were gifts involved but not for ruling officers, as was implied by the Opposition, but for the good of the whole Colony. It was – stated Mr Coffyn – a matter of utmost importance to seize such opportunity in the interest of Restoria.

The Opposition, however, seemed to remain extremely critical. Administration asked Chair for a short adjournment. As The Chronicle understands, during this pause, majority leader and Administration’s whip made concerted efforts to ensure unanimity, albeit to no avail.

Finally there was a division in the afternoon which Administration won by 9 votes to 3. No one abstained. Without further a-do the Restoria Allegiance Bill was sent to the Lander for assent and almost at once Chair of the Colonial Assembly received a formal note from the Lander stating that assent was given. Bill became Restoria Allegiance Act.

The events developed onward astonishingly quickly. Formal diplomatic note was sent to the Commonwealth of Bait right after the Lander note was received and it was immediately responded to with acceptance by the Commonwealth of Bait's government. So Restoria became a colony of Commonwealth of Bait. And all that in a matter of fewer than 24 hours!

The Chronicle can disclose now that right after establishing fully-fledged Transmission Hub, a message has been sent to the Commonwealth of homey but there was no answer. This information has been told us by a source close to the Administration on the condition of anonymity.
4y ago
Huge update! Coloniae Spring update is out now!

More details here.
Make technical analysis on the gbt with the new OHLCV Charts!

Displays a chart of the open, close prices (open is midnight, close is 11:59 pm), highest, lowest prices (during the day), volume traded, and RSI

NB : prices are per 100.
What does it mean when I'm not eligible for ranking in the Coloniae?
5y ago
New feature!

Let me introduce the the page Game Stats where you can see for example the percentage of Lunar colonies or the total population of all colonies on the server.
That goes with a little revamping of the links on the top navbar.

A lot of stats can be made, if you think of some interesting stats to put there let me know.

I may do some more advanced stats using the data from the ADU but that's for another time!
Finally I managed to move to the new server. More power, more space, backend redesigned : more possibilities !

I took this opportunity to enhance the player and colony pages with tabs and to put back online the page of (the beginning of) the ADU Rankings.

Edit : also added salaries to the ADU!
I updated the Coloniae reference (basically a copy of the official reference), now it always remains up to date without human intervention, and automatically adds the new resources to the tables!
Huge update!

After 2 months of hard work, it's finally out!
The layouts building tool is an advanced tool for creating layouts and exporting them in .mcl format for importing into the game.
You may create layouts from scratch but also import existing .mcl files or even import a city file (even compressed) (.mcx or .mcb) and it will parse out on the grid!

There are so many features, I will let you discover them!
If you have questions or ideas of improvement don't hesitate.

Last but not least, thanks to @gkdkggl for the awesome work on this, and Pavlxiiv and crywolf for testing out!
For the Reference Table, I suggest you to use the Coloniae Reference Table : , instead of, as the latter is not updated anymore by the contributor.

1. The tick/second is dependent on the interaction between the game engine and your device or computer system speed. As such, it is not possible to pinpoint exactly what your tick/second is going to be, just a range. In general, slower device/computer will have lower ticks/second, and vice versa.

In general, it should not heavily affect all calculations involved as you mentioned. The device tick will affect all production and consumption equally, so the ratio will stay constant no matter what the device tick count is. For example, 1 Aluminum Generator will supply x amount of Robot Factories, with x staying constant regardless of the device tick.

In addition, how did you determine 13 ticks/second above? If it was from actual production from Statistics, it should be noted that the numbers in Reference refer to production when all workers are fully on duty, while the actual production in game is affected by reduction due to off-duty or protesting workers.

2. The Overview shows the simulated net production/consumption at that very moment, while the individual resource Statistics page shows the general total production and consumption over a period. As different buildings have different production and consumption round length, it is possible to have one single moment where resource generation is net negative as the consuming buildings use up the resources while the producing buildings have not finished their production, but in total over a time period it will be net positive, and vice versa.

3. Resource production for all buildings requiring workers mostly increases in proportion with the amount of on-duty worker present, while "Fuel" generally does not. To use your examples, these are the calculation which match the numbers in the Reference :

a. Medium Recycling Plant =
- Aluminum = (1 Al/round) x (65 workers) / 50000 ticks per round = 0.0013 Al/tick
- Plastic = (1 Pl/round) x (65 workers) / 6000 ticks per round = 0.01083 Pl/tick
- Fuel though is not calculated by workers, so Trash = (1 Tr/round) / 2 ticks per round = 0.5 Tr/tick

b. Regolith Extraction Inc =
- Regolith = (50 Re/round) x (26 workers) / 1500 ticks per round = 0.8667 Re/tick

c. Vertical Warehouse Farm =
- Food = (500 Food/round) x (35 workers) / 2500 ticks per round = 7 Food/tick
- Fuel though is not calculated by workers, so Water = (1 Wa/round) / 2000 ticks per round = 0.0005 Water/tick

4. Buildings that don't require workers which don't produce resources based on worker generation either, such as Hydrogen Reactor (as well as other power plants and storage buildings), there is no difference between having 1 worker inside or full 30 workers. A Hydrogen Reactor will provide a full 5500 power and consume the same amount of Water as fuel (remember Fuel is not affected by workers).

For the rest which don't require workers, but generate resources such as Tree Farms, some say that having workers inside increase the resource generation. But so far I haven't read any specific testing (with numbers) between the numbers generated without any workers inside, and if there are workers inside. Most of these buildings (except maybe 3 specific buildings) are early game buildings anyways.

As for Ore Refinery specifically, you will grow out of it very fast to Advanced Ore Refinery anyways, which needs workers.

As for Alien Artifacts, bear with the UDD spam for a while. Eventually you will be able to build Relic Studies which generates Alien Artifacts equal to more than 400 UDDs per Relic Studies, which will literally generate more Artifacts than you can possibly use (due to presence of other rare bottleneck materials).

Edited for grammar.

4y ago
3. I am not sure how you are getting such a low production number (i.e. 20-40 regolith / min from a Regolith Extraction Inc.). Are you sure it isn't maybe staffed on-duty by 1-2 person only at the time of observation?

In any case, I monitored all my production buildings from time to time and compared them with the values in the Reference Table, and so far my various production buildings are always higher by the same constant (about 30-40%) when compared to the values in the Table which assumes 20 ticks/second. This is as expected, meaning that my ticks/second on the computer I play on is also faster by the same ratio. In any case, sorry I am not sure what is causing the resource yield in your game to be much lower than theoretical 20 ticks/second if fully staffed.

Discussing specific buildings you mentioned :

- Vertical Warehouse Farm is not bugged. Mine shows 8000 Food/min when staffed by 24 people on-duty out of total 35 slots, so that is as expected (again, my computer tick is higher than the assumed 20 ticks/second used in the table).

- Ore Zapper vs Regolith Extraction Inc gives the correct number. Remember Ore Zapper is only 1x1 in size and doesn't require workers, wile REI takes 9x the space while only having a bit higher yield, so Ore Zapper has much higher yield/tile. In endgame when all resources are produced in humongous quantity per second, yield/tile is the most important parameter for a production building as space is of paramount commodity. So what is the use for REI? It provides a midgame way to automate regolith production for colonies in asteroid/abandoned/lunar base instead of having to build Regolith mines over and over manually. In those worlds, you can't get Ore directly unlike in Red planets. You have to convert it from Regolith instead.

- As I mentioned before, there are at least 3 mid- and end-game buildings which has discrepancy between Reference data and in-game actual production, them being : Alien Plastic which you noticed as well, Tech Office, and Obsidian Furnace. The actual in-game production of these 3 buildings are multiplied by the worker quantity just like any other buildings requiring workers. This makes Alien Plastic being much better than Advanced Plastic Factory as it should be, Tech Office being second best money production building after endgame Star Port, and Obsidian Furnace being higher than listed. This has been discussed by the awesome owner of the Coloniae Reference (and Coloniae itself) Sobe and the developer Bast, and so far there is no clear solution why the database the Table pulls from is different from the actual in-game stat. In the grand scheme of things, this is very minor and there are much much more pressing bugs and issues to fix by the developer though. Unfortunately I have barely any knowledge about database and coding to try to analyze the issue, and Sobe has done a lot to make a new Reference which can automatically updates itself, after the old Reference had been abandoned by the previous contributor.

4. Just a tip, I personally don't think Arcology is a useful building to have, as 7000 of the colonists are tied in useless job slot which doesn't yield anything much. Fantasy Land Arcology is a different story though. If you have an abundance of resources to be used for testing and such, please feel free to proceed however, but not if you are still strapped on midgame resources.

5. In short yes, a colonist will have fixed workplace and residential place once it arrives and gets assigned a job. In reality, there are more complex dynamics involved which I don't fully understand especially when residential buildings are sold or destroyed, or the current workplace is sold or destroyed.

We are all thankful for Relic Studies, especially it is chilling to know that for the first year and more of the game, there was no Relic Studies and every endgame player was stuck on spamming UDDs and Alum generators till the end of the map.

About your balance concerns :
- Yes, Food Processing Sweatshop pretty much produces that much and will blow all other Food production buildings out of the water, because planets other than Sugar World have ways to produce Sugar as well.
- Maybe you have not seen the Research Converter, but it pretty much is the endgame production building you need to spam for 20 or so different resources.
- As for the Alien Enrichment Facility, it was a pretty decent upgrade when considering what players had for Alien Artifacts and Aluminum back then before the introduction of Relic Studies. It made Uranium much easier to get than the other 2. We wish all Alien Tech is such a big upgrade like it is for Steel, Gold, and Microchip, but alas it is not so. Now with powercreep, you have Research Converter which blows Alien Enrichment out of the water for Uranium and many other resources.

4y ago
As peccal said, the buildable Ore Mine is not available in Water World. It is only available in Red and Earthlike planets.

There are 2 options if you have used up all the existing ore mines :
1. Build Ore Fracking Operation ( ) if you have the necessary research unlocked.

2. If you are still somewhat far from that, make sure you reach 1 mil atmosphere. With 1 mil atmosphere, you can rebuild the trees, mine them for wood, convert wood into charcoal, then build Charcoal Compactor ( It should provide some ore input until you can beeline to unlock the Ore Fracking Operation.
4y ago
In case people did not know @Sobeirannovaocc took over the reference page and updated everything.
If you have not visited his site at all head on over and check out everything he has to offer.

Also feel free to bother him and say thanks for everything he has done to help out bast!
4y ago
Reference Update

The reference has been updated with release versions in the buildings details and also in the general table. If the version is unknown, most likely it comes from 0.4.0 or earlier.
Also added in the other tables menu, a link to an automated changelog viewer to check out what's new on the latest versions!

As always, if you have ideas for improvements, don't hesitate!

Welcome to the informational thread of the Intergalactic Colonial Games!

What are the Intergalactic Colonial Games?

Well, I'm glad you asked! It is a community driven event to bring the players together in one space to have fun with the game in various unique and interesting ways! The Intergalactic Colonial Games (or ICG) is our branding of the many events and activities that NOZ will be hosting! With a wide variety of events and prizes, we will be hosting ICG events every weekend!

Now, you may be concerned that, if these events have prizes they will probably be pretty hard right? NOPE! These events will be simplified so as to be accessible to everyone and not simply dominated by those with large colonies and stacks of resource reserves. In order to achieve that, these activities will be under certain conditions that range anywhere from:

Racing other players to certain goals and milestones with newly made colonies

Creating aesthetic colonies being creative with themes and placements

Building functional design with certain limitations.

And everything in between! If you have an event idea that you would like to see implemented, let us know what you want and we might turn it into a reality!

There will be prizes?

Of course, 1st to 3rd place in each of these events will win prizes in the form of resources! These prizes may vary from event to event to match the difficulty. We will be separating participants by experience to create a more fair playing field. The games will be split into three separate groups:
  • Group 1 includes anyone where their largest colony is between 0 and 250,000 colonists
  • Group 2 includes anyone where their largest colony is between 250,001 and 1,000,000 colonists
  • Group 3 includes anyone where their largest colony is above 1,000,000
Players with higher groups are not eligible for lower groups prizes, however those in lower groups, if they can beat more experienced players, are eligible to take higher groups prizes should they win the event.
These events are being hosted by one of the two remaining federations in the game and, as such, are funded by some of the very best players in the game! These prizes are scaled to the player's current experience and will surely give a boon to your economy!

Rules and conditions

True to any competition, there will be some rules in place to ensure fairness to all participants. All participants must have coloniae sync turned on. Players may not:
  1. Gift yourself copious amounts of resources or receive large amounts of resources for free. Trading, however, is permitted. Having all your resources gifted to you defeats the purpose of the event and ruins it for everyone.
  2. Turn off Coloniae Sync at any point for the duration of the event. This is how participants will be monitored to ensure no one is cheating.
  3. Use regions, or creative mode. We want these events to be accessible, and fair, to all players.
  4. Join any commonwealth except predetermined event host. This is to ensure all players have the same tax, payroll assist and are all on equal footing.
Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in immediate disqualification. If a player continues to cheat for multiple events in a row, they may be blacklisted from participating.

These events are hosted by NOZ, thus the results of the event will be recorded and tracked by the appointed judges of that event. Aesthetic events, of course, are subjective and are up the the judge's discretion.

If you have any questions about the ICG, let us know!

Contact us!

Though not a requirement to participate in the events, I encourage everyone who is interested in the events to drop by the NOZ discord server for a great My Colony community. NOZ has a lot of very experienced players, whom are also very active in game. To learn more about us, please join us here at

Good luck with the events, and may the odds be ever in your favour.
4y ago
Pressing the Online Reference button in the Encyclopedia opens the page that I cannot connect to.
First few seconds it tries to connect to, then redirects to
http://localhost:8001/reference and fails to connect. I tried Opera and Google Chrome browsers.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch My Colony;
2. Start or load your colony (online or local);
3. Press ESC, open Encyclopedia;
4. Click Online Reference button;
5. Wait for your browser to open this page:

Platform: Windows 7 64-bit

Version: 1.11.0 (Steam)

I couldn't find any duplicates of this issue.
3y ago
The language translation project for My Colony 2 has begun and is being lead by @Sobeirannovaocc and @Pavlxiiv through Coloniae. If you are interested in helping translate the game, please head over to the following URL for detailed instructions:

You should also join the translation Discord server here:
3y ago
I just discovered a solution! You just have to put another slash at the end!
1. <- will not work
2. <- WILL work!
The game opens the first link so it always fails.
3y ago
So there are not any other colonies on the My Colony server right now with that same charter code (HWPx9Xrt). I am guessing that charter was used by a prior colony which was deleted for inactivity, but is still listed in the coloniae database. Depending on how you guys want to handle it @Sobeirannovaocc and @dfv123 , I can just delete the record for DGUE in the My Colony database and it should get another charter code at next sign-in, or Sobe can remove the original colony from his database, as it does not appear to be on the MC server anymore, although possibly we want to retain the Coloniae data for historical purposes? I assume either way should correct it, just let me know what you guys think is best.
2y ago
bastecklein said: I am guessing that charter was used by a prior colony which was deleted for inactivity, but is still listed in the coloniae database.
that's right.

I talked with DGUE and the best option is probably to delete the record in the Coloniae DB, bc with the other way he will loose his ADU data (or rather, it won't be tied to the new charter). Also, the guy we are (I am) deleting only played for 1 day so it's not a big deal.

I want to ask though how is it possible in the first place that a charter was re-assigned ? Did we reach the 1 of 218 thousand billion chance of a collision ? or is there a obscure way for the client to get the charter it wants ?
My Colony 2 v0.21.0 is now available on the Web, Windows and the Ape Apps Launcher and should be hitting Android and iOS over the coming days. This update fixes a couple of bugs introduced in the last release and makes some pretty big changes that could alter the course of how you play MC2 over the coming months, so let's jump in and take a look!

The first big change in this update is a new feature called Universe, which will allow you to "join" your game to other players' games to create a sort of peer-to-peer network of global My Colony 2 servers.

To join or create a Universe, you simply open the Statistics window on your colony, and enter a public and (optionally) a private key. Every online game using the same Public/Private key combination (and the same game version/mods) will be automatically joined into the same Universe network.

At this time, there is no default or "official" MC2 Universe, and the feature is 100% opt-in. If the community ends up creating/pushing/rallying behind a common Universe, that's great. It can also be used to set up a private Universe between you and your friends/family.

So what does a Universe get you? As of this release, it simply unlocks a global Chat similar to what is available on My Colony 1, but this is going to expand pretty quick once this update is released and I can see if the underlying connection is actually working right. Universe is going to enable interplanetary trade/governments/war, etc., so eventually having a large Universe community with a lot of players will be beneficial. So stay tuned and keep an eye on this feature, because it's going to get exciting over the next few updates!

Beyond the Universe feature, a big change is being made to game saving. Right now (prior to this update), all MC2 game data was saved to a single large library file that synced to the Ape Apps Cloud (for signed-in players). This was causing issues with both slow loading times, and data corruption when multiple instances of MC2 were open at once. This is being completely changed in this release. Starting now, game data is no longer saved to the overall player library file, and Cloud Sync is disabled by default for all colonies. It can be turned back on (if wanted) in the World section of the Statistics window.

The next big feature in v0.21.0 is the new Stat Reporting functionality. If you've used Coloniae with My Colony 1, then you know what the general idea is here. With My Colony 2 though, Stat Reporting is a bit more decentralized, and open to any developer who wishes to take advantage of it.

Stat Reporting can be accessed/enabled in the World tab of the Statistics window.

In order to use it, you simply input one or more (separated by commas) stat reporting endpoint URL's, and the game will take care of the rest. If you are a developer and would like to build your own Stat Reporting endpoint, you can see this thread which should contain all of the information you need to get started.

The final big change in v0.21.0 is engine support for separating .vpp model data out of the individual game data objects in order to (hopefully) allow for faster initial game loading times. Right now My Colony 2 is starting to take an awful long time to load on mobile devices, and if this new functionality works as I hope it should, then My Colony v0.22.0 (the next release) should see a drastic improvement in mobile load times. The new model loading scheme is currently being tested out on the Tree Farm, Galactic Stock Exchange, and the Uranium Enrichment Facility, so please keep an eye on those three structures, and let me know if you notice any issues/problems with how they are loaded and rendered. If everything is fine, then I will be moving all larger game data objects over to the new loading scheme in the next release.

So other than a few bug fixes that are not worth mentioning in the release notes, that is about it for v0.21.0. Please test out the new features and let me know what works, doesn't work, what needs improved, etc.! There's going to be a lot of exciting new features coming over the next few updates, so stay tuned for more, thanks for playing, and I hope you enjoy the update!

2y ago
@Sobeirannovaocc I can't access the resource comparator on Coloniae. It says there was an likely invalid client
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