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Unit production structures near the slope can cause built units spawn inside the slope and they get stuck there forever. Mouse clicks do not go through slope's texture.
3y ago
Understandable, have a nice day ♥
3y ago
Actually I'm on Windows 7 64-bit, version 6.1 (build 7601: Service Pack 1)
3y ago
bastecklein said:If you are on Windows @Vanguard , try going to:
C:\Users\YOUR ACCOUNT HERE\AppData\Roaming\Ape Apps Launcher
and deleting any files called or (I forgot which one) and any folders that are named the same, and see if that fixes the update.

If it doesn't, you can always take the .zip file referenced above and extract it into the folder containing your current Ape Apps Launcher installation, simply overriding the existing files. is always 0 KB when it's still downloading and after finishing it just disappears. It also creates an empty updatetmp folder.
3y ago
I still can't update the Launcher, restarting shows the same "v1.6.9 Update Available. Click to download."
3y ago
Thank you. Here's few thing I noticed in V1.0.2:
- Raw Materials Depot is not free (needs 25 ore);
- Structures are not producing/converting at high rates as you described.
3y ago
I did it by accident, then clicked few more times on purpose to see what happens.
Steps to reproduce:

1. Launch Ape Apps Launcher when there's an update ready;
2. Click "Update Available. Click to download." at the top;
3. Click "Downloading Update" line.

Restarting the Launcher won't fix it.
3y ago
Some of properties in the Editor cannot be removed once added, also multiple of the same can be added.
Here's the list of properties missing an "X":

1. Biomes: Terrain Objects
2. Terrain Objects: Provides
3. Worlds: Terrain Objects, Available Biomes
4. Structures: Structure Cost, Can Store, Resource Conversion Input, Resource Conversion Output
5. Units: Unit Cost

3y ago
Hello @bastecklein
I'm translating My Colony 1 and I'd like to know if the game will ever get name translation option for buildings, resources and other stuff?
If not, am I allowed to add a translated name of the object to its description?

I tried to use \n to separate the name but it doesn't work in descriptions.
Here's how it will look in-game, the translated name is marked with red:

It will greatly improve the accessibility for russian players since not all of the objects mention their name in the description.
What do you think?
3y ago
I just discovered a solution! You just have to put another slash at the end!
1. <- will not work
2. <- WILL work!
The game opens the first link so it always fails.
3y ago
Pressing the Online Reference button in the Encyclopedia opens the page that I cannot connect to.
First few seconds it tries to connect to, then redirects to
http://localhost:8001/reference and fails to connect. I tried Opera and Google Chrome browsers.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch My Colony;
2. Start or load your colony (online or local);
3. Press ESC, open Encyclopedia;
4. Click Online Reference button;
5. Wait for your browser to open this page:

Platform: Windows 7 64-bit

Version: 1.11.0 (Steam)

I couldn't find any duplicates of this issue.
3y ago
4) Using "excess" pupulation to increase healing effectiveness (using their organs)
3y ago
That's weird, the forum navigation says I'm in My Colony 1 suggestion box:
Index > Forum > Games > My Colony > Game Ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback > My Colony Games > My Colony 1

Thank you for the link :)
3y ago
Current russian translation is very bad, it's clearly done using an online translation service without any manual translation or at least error check up.
I'm offering my translation, I have both time and experience to improve this part of your game.
3y ago


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