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Online Reference button opens a page I can't load

Pressing the Online Reference button in the Encyclopedia opens the page that I cannot connect to.
First few seconds it tries to connect to, then redirects to
http://localhost:8001/reference and fails to connect. I tried Opera and Google Chrome browsers.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch My Colony;
2. Start or load your colony (online or local);
3. Press ESC, open Encyclopedia;
4. Click Online Reference button;
5. Wait for your browser to open this page:

Platform: Windows 7 64-bit

Version: 1.11.0 (Steam)

I couldn't find any duplicates of this issue.
Hum I haven't thought of this before but have you tried to clear the cache?
Creator of Coloniae
Admin of the MC2 translation project
I just discovered a solution! You just have to put another slash at the end!
1. <- will not work
2. <- WILL work!
The game opens the first link so it always fails.
@bastecklein easy fix !
Creator of Coloniae
Admin of the MC2 translation project

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