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New GDP Calculation

So after the last GDP update, I am unable to understand how the GDP is now calculated. ANd as a result, my GDP stimulation is hard as I don't have a specific method. The one I use now just increases in by a few million every second and isn't consistent by any stretch of the imagination. Does anyone have a good way to consistently increase GDP and/or by more than that? Also if you know how it is calculated, do tell.
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I think the new GDP depend on the general produced value, plus the building value.

If "x" building need 100 for build 1000, you will have 900, if you consume 1000 for make 100.. -900 (1000 and 100 are the value in money)
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@Conco2 The GDP is calculated by the total dollar value of goods produced by your buildings during a specific timeframe. So if your GDP is stalling out, all else unchanged, probably your storage is full for your resources and so your factories basically have no output.

There is no GDP benefit whatsoever to hoarding a ton of resources, so if GDP is your only concern, you have to actually either use or sell the resources you are producing. If you think about it, an economy that stocks a ton of resources and then just lets them sit there rotting, really isn't growing. You need to have exports or use them to build new things.
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