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New Default Stat Endpoints and Universe Settings

Starting with My Colony 2 v0.23.0, all My Colony 2 games will automatically include the Coloniae and game stat collection endpoints (if you are not ok with this @Sobeirannovaocc just let me know and I can remove Coloniae).

Also, while this will probably not be ready in time for v0.23.0, I am working on a way to allow the stat collection endpoints to go both ways, so that not only can the game client upload it's stats to the collection server, but can also receive and display some data back from the server. I will make a dedicated post about this when the feature is closer to being ready, but basically the game is going to ping the endpoint to see if it supports the two-way stat feature, and if it does, it will add a new section to the colony statistics window for each supported/connected stat server. Clicking on that section will let you view/browse whatever data is available from the server. But again, more on that at a later time.

Next, v0.23.0 is also going to come with a default Universe setting, so that there is one primary MC2 "global" universe. Players will still be able to remove/leave the main Universe or start/use their own, but this way for new colonies, the game will have a more global/connected feeling to it, such as we have in My Colony 1. This new default universe will only apply to brand new colonies, but I will post a thread here in the forum with the universe information, so that existing colonies can join too if they want.

So anyway, those are a couple of the changes you can expect from the next MC2 update, which will probably go live by the end of this week, so stay tuned!
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Ofc I'm ok with it !
Looking forward to the new features.
I should also update the world pages on Coloniae there is a lot to be improved...
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