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My Colony v0.94.0 Released

So I'm getting the finishing touches put on My Colony v0.94.0 which should be hitting all devices within the coming days. This is yet another I.T. content update, with a few other goodies and changes thrown in for good measure. Let's take a look!

To begin with, I did not even realize that the Custom Map feature had been broken for some time now. The game could load old custom maps just fine, but newly created maps were not working, resulting in the user seeing a blank black screen when trying to start up a custom map. The issue was with the way Custom Maps were being saved. This has been corrected, but any custom map made between client versions v0.86.0 and v0.93.0 will not function. You can create new custom maps now without issue.

Next, since the previously added Online Black Market Office was a bit overpowered, it has now lost the ability to produce Starships and Ether. All other stats on the building remain the same.

I have switched the in-game 'Online Reference' link (found in the Encyclopedia) over to the updated reference maintained on the Coloniae website. Coloniae is operated and maintained by @Sobeirannovaocc and has really grown into an awesome resource for all My Colony players, so if you haven't checked the page out yet, go ahead and do that!

I have added Plastic import/export functionality to the StarGate and Star Port buildings. I didn't even realize that it had been missing!

In addition to the above, I have made some further (albeit minor) tweaks to both the touch/mobile, and the TV interface for the game.

There have been long standing reports about inaccurate Entertainment building stats and other strangeness. I can't reliably reproduce this issue, but I have made some changes to how Entertainment is managed and calculated, so if you were having issues before, please check again and let me know if the changes help.

Moving on to content, this update adds more I.T. stuff, with a lot more still to come. Firstly, the new tech Mass Data Management has been added for Human civilizations, unlocking much needed buildings with higher Bandwidth output. These buildings are the Large Server Building for U.E., and the Proxy Server Building for L.I.S.. Both Human civs get a new minor building, the Old Electronics Chop Shop, which converts old Toys and Plastic into Microchips.

For Zolarg players, we now have our first Insectoid educational building, the Mound of Scholars! Additionally, there is now finally an upgrade to the Paste Tank, the new Smart Paste Tank, which is essentially a networked Paste Tank with microchips and way higher output.

Finally, Premium users get a new Reptilian entertainment/civics structure, the Live Autopsy Lab. This is just a small gag type building that I saw in the suggestions. Basically, it features a Reptilian cutting up a poor Insectoid and waving his head around for public display.

Oh, those silly Reptilians.

Anyway, that wraps it up for today's update. I am going to try to keep up the weekly update schedule for My Colony, since I think it's been going pretty good here. So keep the suggestions and bug reports coming, and stay tuned for more!
@Westy266 I saw your idea! (^ω^)

On the other hand,
Proxy server tech has no description.
It’s description stays UNDEFINED.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Bast as posted when you first brought out IT ---- NO ( IT )buildings Produce BANDWIDTH nore do any IT buildings have accutal Storage for bandwidth .
THE Building Merterials them self ADD bandwidth when BUILT and the same amount of bandwidth the building calls for to be built becomes the bandwidth you have plus the storage for it .
basicly ALL buildings that can produce bandwidth are for SHOW only as they do nothing and NO building uses bandwidth to produce resources ( Lucky thing to as if they did it would be going and not replanshied )
so in conclusion BANDWIDTH is NOT produced or used BY any buildings .
@colbya I don't understand what you are talking about. Bandwidth is like Power, not the other resources. If a building requires Bandwidth and you don't have enough, it gets deactivated, just like if you have low power. It is not something you store or trade.
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Dear bast, thank you for adding plastics as import/export option in Stargate and Star Port.

As for Software, is there any plan to make it importable/exportable in other buildings aside from the online BM? Or is it exclusive for online BM for now?
When are you going to update My Land, this is like the 4th or 5th My Colony update since My Land was updated!!!
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@bastecklein have you put the update out on web yet? It's not showing up :/
Trade2 (Draconian)
newstart (United Earth)
Proxy server (technology) description is missing.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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