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Bulldozer Tool Behavior Changes

Starting in v0.83.0, there are some important behavior changes coming to the bulldozer tool that you need to be aware of, so that you do not accidentally nuke a large section of your colony. Going forward, when you use the bulldozer tool, if you do a slightly delayed double-click action, you can then drag the tool across the screen to conduct mass bulldozing. In addition, clicking on a blank space on the map will no longer automatically deactivate the bulldozer. Since the tool is a bit more potent now, activating the bulldozer will also turn the resource readout bar red as an added warning that you are in bulldozer mode. See the below video for an example of what I mean.

It is going to make cleaning out parts of your colony a lot easier, but I just want everyone to be fully aware of the change, since the new behavior could catch you off guard in a bad way the first time you use it!
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
I've been begging for this change for a long time, nicely done.
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