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Crystal production

With the rising activity and development in Alpha Draconian colonies comes the need for Crystal. Most draconian buildings require crystal during production and, as it stands at the moment, there is no way to get crystal for them beyond harvesting small amounts at a time or importing in 100 packages. It simply can't make enough crystal to fuel it's own growth anymore.

As Draconians are developed and more buildings are added, there will be new buildings that let them import more at once, but that still doesn't give the autonomy that's needed. I'd rather not have a big base then be forced to be importing constantly just to keep up with consumption. I would very much like to see a building that is dedicated to producing crystal.

While humans don't use as much crystal as the draconians, human colonies also can't harvest much without having like a 200x200 block of crystal to harvest. But that's kind of against this recent movement towards cutting down on sizes for performance. I would also like to see a crystal production building in human bases as well.
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Yeah i agree, ive been spending lots of money slowly importing crystalline in small amounts, and i plan to leave my game open for a while but i know i will run out of crystal while i'm gone, as there is no automated way to produce it, unlike every other resource i currently have.
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