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Just tested this bug, and it still exists in 0.99. @bastecklein I'll walk you through the process to replicate this issue.

I load my region up, I have 120k starships in storage and the estimated value when I hover the mouse over it is 4.402T worth.

I enter a built up city, and the number immediately drops to 3.111T estimated worth.

Enter a non built up city and the value remains at 4.402T. At this value, the export price per million is 2.258T money. If I try to export after the worth of the resource has been reduced to the 3.111T from entering the built up city, then the export value drops to 1.596T per million.

If you return to title and reload the game, it resets back to 4.402T estimated value hovering over 120k starships.

If you don't enter any cities, just load in, return to title and repeat a bunch of times. The value goes up. After a number of resets, the estimated value for 120k ships peaks at around 5.703T.

From there, if you enter a non built up city, the value remains the same. And the export value per million had been raised to 2.920T.

This works for all resources, not just Starships. This is a significant problem because it makes it very inconsistent to export and import (the problem works exactly the same for import prices). With the values changing like this, you either have to spend a long time trying to reset and playing under certain conditions to get your money's worth for resources or you just accept the lower amounts from the glitch.

This should be very easy to replicate the issue, so this might make it a bit easier to track down the problem. Hope this helps bast.
4y ago
Applications for the events have been open for a week now, so I'm going to start the events here. Those who have not yet joined may still join, however the end of the end of the event will not be extended on account of someone not joining in time.

The charter code for the event host is Tyt0CUZo

So far we have @wodanaz, @Conco2 and @2007wouldpost entered.

Let the games begin!
4y ago
Great! When the event starts we will release the charter code and you can start the challenge.
4y ago
I don't know who you are, or why you're claiming to -- ahhhhh just messin' with ya. This guy is indeed one of the officiators for the event.
4y ago

Welcome to the first ICG Event!

The ICG is a community driven event to bring the players together in one space to have fun with the game in various unique and interesting ways! The Intergalactic Colonial Games (or ICG) is our branding of the many events and activities that NOZ will be hosting! With a wide variety of events and prizes, we will be hosting ICG events every weekend!

For more information, including the rules to these events, please visit https://www.ape-apps.com/viewpage.php?p=34539 before continuing.

The first event we will be hosting is... a race!

Now, what exactly is the race we have in mind you ask? Well, as the informational thread I linked above describes, a race means that participants will start an entirely new colony and race to a certain milestone to win the grand prize. The race for this event will be the collection of Civics!


There are three player groupings, with each being more challenging than the last to complete.

  • Group 1 is 0-250,000 population on your largest colony. The Goal will be 250,000 civics by the end of the event period.
  • Group 2 is 250,000-1,000,000 population on your largest colony. The Goal will be 5,000,000 civics by the end of the event period.
  • Group 3 is over 1,000,000 population on your largest colony. The Goal will be 50,000,000 civics by the end of the event period.
The event period will be 1 week long from the time it starts.


These goals may seem daunting, but I assure you, they are all possible. As impossible as they may seem, there is an equally great reward! This event will not only be for fun, players may win unholy amounts of resources to the colony of their choosing by winning. So let's see some competitive spirit in here!

As described in the informational thread, each tier can have up to and including 3 winners. First place will receive 3 packages of their choosing, second will receive 2, and 3rd place will receive 1 package of their choosing (each package is a large sum of one resource).

Group one may choose between the following prizes:

25,000,000 Ore
25,000,000 Regolith
25,000,000 Aluminum
25,000,000 Microchips
25,000,000 Gold
25,000,000 Steel
25,000,000 Alien Artifacts

20,000,000 Wood
20,000,000 Charcoal
20,000,000 Oil
20,000,000 Helium
20,000,000 Ant Paste
20,000,000 Robots
20,000,000 Antanium
20,000,000 Pottery
20,000,000 Bricks
20,000,000 Uranium
20,000,000 Crystalline
20,000,000 Cloth
20,000,000 Toys
20,000,000 Clay
20,000,000 Sugar
20,000,000 Wool
20,000,000 Software
20,000,000 Diamond
20,000,000 Wheels

15,000,000 Alien Relic
15,000,000 Alien Instructions
15,000,000 Obsidian

5,000,000 Triantanium
5,000,000 Ether

Group two may choose between the following prizes:

200,000,000 Ore
200,000,000 Regolith
200,000,000 Aluminum
200,000,000 Microchips
200,000,000 Gold
200,000,000 Steel
200,000,000 Alien Artifacts

150,000,000 Wood
150,000,000 Charcoal
150,000,000 Oil
150,000,000 Helium
150,000,000 Ant Paste
150,000,000 Robots
150,000,000 Antanium
150,000,000 Pottery
150,000,000 Bricks
150,000,000 Uranium
150,000,000 Crystalline
150,000,000 Cloth
150,000,000 Toys
150,000,000 Clay
150,000,000 Sugar
150,000,000 Wool
150,000,000 Software
150,000,000 Diamond
150,000,000 Wheels

100,000,000 Alien Relic
100,000,000 Alien Instructions
100,000,000 Obsidian

30,000,000 Triantanium
30,000,000 Ether

Group three may choose between the following prizes:

1,000,000,000 Ore
1,000,000,000 Regolith
1,000,000,000 Aluminum
1,000,000,000 Microchips
1,000,000,000 Gold
1,000,000,000 Steel
1,000,000,000 Alien Artifacts

800,000,000 Wood
800,000,000 Charcoal
800,000,000 Oil
800,000,000 Helium
800,000,000 Ant Paste
800,000,000 Robots
800,000,000 Antanium
800,000,000 Pottery
800,000,000 Bricks
800,000,000 Uranium
800,000,000 Crystalline
800,000,000 Cloth
800,000,000 Toys
800,000,000 Clay
800,000,000 Sugar
800,000,000 Wool
800,000,000 Software
800,000,000 Diamond
800,000,000 Wheels

600,000,000 Alien Relic
600,000,000 Alien Instructions
600,000,000 Obsidian

300,000,000 Triantanium
300,000,000 Ether

As you can see, the prizes are well worth your time and are designed to be a great boost to anyone in the game. The top prizes are difficult to get, but they are possible.

How to enter?

It's simple! Just comment your name in game here and tell us you want to enter! You are also required to join our dedicated events commonwealth in order to enter. The charter code for the commonwealth will be revealed when the event starts. We need to know what your colony name you will be registering as will be in advance. You may put [ICG] in your colony name as, though this is not required, it will make our jobs easier when running the event.

When we know the name of the participant, we can give you a small boost just to get started with to avoid the tedium of the early game. Players will receive all of the following:

5,000 Ore
4,000 Steel
3,000 Gold
2,000 Microchips
2,000 Wheels

This event will begin on the 16/11/2019 so we will accept applications to join until then! Once more, the event duration will be 1 week from the starting date.

Upon completion the event goal, comment that you have done so on this thread. We will then review your colony history before acknowledging you have completed the event.

Of course all rules and regulations must be followed by all participants. These may be found in the informational thread https://www.ape-apps.com/viewpage.php?p=34539

Contact us!

Though not a requirement to participate in the events, I encourage everyone who is interested in the events to drop by the NOZ discord server for a great My Colony community. NOZ has a lot of very experienced players, whom are also very active in game. To learn more about us, please join us here at https://discord.gg/qqCswpF

Good luck with the events, and may the odds be ever in your favour.
4y ago

Welcome to the informational thread of the Intergalactic Colonial Games!

What are the Intergalactic Colonial Games?

Well, I'm glad you asked! It is a community driven event to bring the players together in one space to have fun with the game in various unique and interesting ways! The Intergalactic Colonial Games (or ICG) is our branding of the many events and activities that NOZ will be hosting! With a wide variety of events and prizes, we will be hosting ICG events every weekend!

Now, you may be concerned that, if these events have prizes they will probably be pretty hard right? NOPE! These events will be simplified so as to be accessible to everyone and not simply dominated by those with large colonies and stacks of resource reserves. In order to achieve that, these activities will be under certain conditions that range anywhere from:

Racing other players to certain goals and milestones with newly made colonies

Creating aesthetic colonies being creative with themes and placements

Building functional design with certain limitations.

And everything in between! If you have an event idea that you would like to see implemented, let us know what you want and we might turn it into a reality!

There will be prizes?

Of course, 1st to 3rd place in each of these events will win prizes in the form of resources! These prizes may vary from event to event to match the difficulty. We will be separating participants by experience to create a more fair playing field. The games will be split into three separate groups:
  • Group 1 includes anyone where their largest colony is between 0 and 250,000 colonists
  • Group 2 includes anyone where their largest colony is between 250,001 and 1,000,000 colonists
  • Group 3 includes anyone where their largest colony is above 1,000,000
Players with higher groups are not eligible for lower groups prizes, however those in lower groups, if they can beat more experienced players, are eligible to take higher groups prizes should they win the event.
These events are being hosted by one of the two remaining federations in the game and, as such, are funded by some of the very best players in the game! These prizes are scaled to the player's current experience and will surely give a boon to your economy!

Rules and conditions

True to any competition, there will be some rules in place to ensure fairness to all participants. All participants must have coloniae sync turned on. Players may not:
  1. Gift yourself copious amounts of resources or receive large amounts of resources for free. Trading, however, is permitted. Having all your resources gifted to you defeats the purpose of the event and ruins it for everyone.
  2. Turn off Coloniae Sync at any point for the duration of the event. This is how participants will be monitored to ensure no one is cheating.
  3. Use regions, or creative mode. We want these events to be accessible, and fair, to all players.
  4. Join any commonwealth except predetermined event host. This is to ensure all players have the same tax, payroll assist and are all on equal footing.
Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in immediate disqualification. If a player continues to cheat for multiple events in a row, they may be blacklisted from participating.

These events are hosted by NOZ, thus the results of the event will be recorded and tracked by the appointed judges of that event. Aesthetic events, of course, are subjective and are up the the judge's discretion.

If you have any questions about the ICG, let us know!

Contact us!

Though not a requirement to participate in the events, I encourage everyone who is interested in the events to drop by the NOZ discord server for a great My Colony community. NOZ has a lot of very experienced players, whom are also very active in game. To learn more about us, please join us here at https://discord.gg/qqCswpF

Good luck with the events, and may the odds be ever in your favour.
4y ago

This bug will reduce your production rates anywhere from 20% to 80% on almost every single city in your region. The production is correct while inside the city, but the moment you leave, the effects take place. This issue has been brought up before previously, but the issue has not been fixed yet so I'd like to bring it up again.

There is a wide variety of players who have noticed this, it isn't just me. Most of these players are some of the best in the game, there is absolutely no way there is a coincidence with this many people having the problem. It's rather frustrating needing to double what you build to get a normal production rate, as I'm sure everyone can agree.

Of course, this is with the latest version, 0.97.0 and I'm using windows 10 native client - though this issue is on every client (Not sure about apple as I don't have that platform).
4y ago

Before I leave the map

After I leave the map

This really needs to be fixed, it's like a 60% decrease just because I can't have every map open at one time.
4y ago
Hello, been playing more recently and I've noticed that cities you aren't presently in have their productions halved or reduced by some random amount. This has been happening basically since regions was released. Can this please be fixed, it's really discouraging having to build twice the amount of structures to get the same effect it should be normally.

Playing on PC native client 0.92.
4y ago
Honestly, I don't know why a global chat hasn't been implemented since I started playing. I've seen so many people try the game and immediately quit and never return simply because there was no one to ask in game at the time they joined. Not only does a global chat mean new players can get some help, but everyone else can also have people to talk to in-game.

I would also have to agree that it's hard to type on mobile because the text box covers the text. But in regards to the pop-up messages on the side it should depend on screen size whether it's the full message or a notification that there are unread messages.
4y ago
This has been happening for me also and I also know other players who have been effected by this. So long as you aren't in a city, it either won't produce or produce very slowly in comparison.

This issue is strikingly similar to the issues with multi-player regions, which I've made a bug report on, in that no city will produce any amount of resource unless a player currently has it open. I was painfully aware of that when I started expanding and building different cities and suddenly having a food shortage generated from the original city.

I do hope this helps, and that the issue can be fixed. It makes normal regions harder to play and I was really enjoying myself with multi-player until this point.
4y ago
This happened to me frequently even before advanced cloning facilities existed. It just seems that excessive immigration causes issues with the game in general. The only "fix" I could find was to restart the game and it would run a little better afterwards.
4y ago
If the auto update isn't working, I suggest using the marketplace to download the game. You can't find what you are looking for here:
4y ago
Yeah, the sync issue only happened to me once, but it shouldn't be happening at all.

Just an update, other people in my multiplayer region apparently aren't getting the production from other people's cities while they are offline either. Some other player's maps works, others don't. It could be simply only the last map they were on when they log off continues to produce, or it could just be random. This isn't stable enough to do any large scale building in cooperative play.
4y ago
Hello! Recently been having a lot of fun with the new multiplayer regions game mode, it works great! However, there are a few bugs and things that I'd like to mention so we can refine what we have here.

First and foremost issue
It appears as though, while sharing resources between people works, whatever city I'm currently in is the only city owned by me that will produce anything. I'm unsure if this is simply a problem when only one person is online, but it is a problem nonetheless. It means that if I'm producing something important for the colony like food and/or water, I have to stay in that city or everyone dies.

Second issue
Sometimes storage doesn't sync up properly, with the current solution simply being to exit and re-enter a city. While that is a viable solution, without proper communication between people we wouldn't even know our storage has been increased until we exit and enter a city.

Third issue (this isn't necessarily a bug but it fits with what I'm saying here)
There's no other in-game chat solely for those in the multiplayer region. Without being on my discord server collaborating with everyone through that, I would have no idea what people were doing. It would end up with someone using all of a resource up, not being able to communicate certain problems like money or food etc. It really is something that needs to be in a multiplayer collaborative effort.

I had an issue where the game would simply sit on syncing data while trying to enter one of my cities. Never got out of the loading screen. It was all fine after I closed the game and re-opened it, and could enter the city fine afterwards. It's just something to note that it can happen.

Anyways, that's what I could notice from my brief time playing multiplayer last night. Hope this helps.
4y ago
Looks like the secret is out
5y ago
Yes, it is confusing the way education works/doesn't work. Here's the rundown of the process:

Colonists enter the colony, look for housing and employment. If they can not find employment they will look for education. Upon completing the education they check again for employment and if there still isn't any jobs they complain about education. So the real problem is not enough jobs.

So long as you have the jobs, you won't need to worry about education because as it stands education isn't really forced. Buildings with a higher education requirement will teach colonists on the job without education. Now, this may change but the current state is that education isn't necessary.

Hope this helps you out. If you have any more questions drop by our discord, we have a bunch of people who can help you out.
5y ago
I think this needs to be added also. When I was more active in the game, I was #1 in active commonwealths and I had to keep the chat tab open most of the time because it was very hard to play the game through the transparent message notifications on the left side. As was said here, every time I clicked on a message, it would make a menu appear until I just turned it off and kept the chat tab open.
5y ago
With the latest Podcast Bast has put out, he has brought up that he wants to create multiplayer regions. Personally, I think this is great. It has been suggested to have multiplayer in my colony for as long as I can remember.

I got excited when he finally announced that it would be coming to regions. However, the way it is I am not sure it really changes the gameplay much - and here is why:

1. Embassies and trading is already rather easy as it is. You find someone you want to trade gifts or embassies with and you trade with them through messages or embassies. The current difference Multiplayer regions have is that you can click on another person's city and trade embassies or gifts. While that is useful, it is something that is already easily done.

2. The resource pool is self contained on a per person basis, meaning each person on the multiplayer region will have their own individual resource pool - besides atmosphere which is shared. I do not really know about you guys, but when I think of multiplayer, I think of cooperative play or competitive play. Competitive play is not really the style of my colony, so things should be more cooperative. Yes, players in the region can very easily send resources to each other via gifts and trading, however how is that any different from a normal region? Why is the resource pool not shared?

3. Lastly, and arguably least important, is space. I realise that it is a region, and there is a lot of space on a region, however if there are a lot of people playing on a multiplayer region it will likely run out of space at some point. Both for the players who want many people on the same map and also the large scale players who can fill half a region on their own. Once this space is filled, there is not much else we can do about it.

If I am missing some fundamental piece of information about how these multiplayer regions will work please tell me, I am really interested in how this is going to develop after over a year or two of the idea of multiplayer thrown around.

Given that, here are some possible changes I would personally like to see in the multiplayer features:

A) I believe that shared resources would be a great addition to regions. It would give a better sense of working together instead of sharing resources - which is already possible and done across the community. I think the only reason shared resources was not the original idea is because after a certain point it becomes very easy to mass produce anything and multiple people on the same map doing that might break the game. Honestly, I do not really see that as a bad thing though, I already produce faster than I can consume and the game simply becomes expansion and collection. Multiple people contributing would progress faster and give an active sense of multiplayer.

Alternatively, this could be an opportunity to tie directly into trade routes that have been talked about for a while now. Players on a multiplayer region could set up automatic trade routes with other players. Eg trade x amount of plastic for y amount of antanium at z rates. This would cost a small amount of resources to run, later an upgraded version with increased rates could consume starships. With this method, one person could be a diamond supplier while another be a charcoal supplier and they complement each other with the auto shipments.

B) This multiplayer region applies to commonwealths and/or federations.

For commonwealths, each dependent will start on your multiplayer region map and grow next to your own. The easier method of establishing communication and gifts by clicking on another person's city from the region menu will streamline things a little more for newcomers who do not really understand how to contact people otherwise. Of course the commonwealth leader will need to be able to remove any dependent's cities in the case of a dependent becoming inactive or obnoxiously placing empty cities everywhere.

As for federations, it would work a little differently in the sense that there would be a separate region selection screen in the federation tab where each member is represented by a tile on the region. Here is where you could create trade routes to and from any given member (using the aforementioned trade route idea in the second paragraph of section A). This idea is not as developed as some others, but it is food for thought on how that may work.

C) Being able to annex more space on the region screen would solve the problem of space and allow for even more players to inhabit a single multiplayer region. As stated before, space would become more of a problem the more players are involved. Say, for instance, a federation wants to start a new multiplayer region with as many members as they could (something I actually want to try), they would rapidly run out of space then everyone would be stuck. If memory serves, when regions first came out I think it was said that if regions ever were to run out of space annexing would be made possible although I'm unsure how well it would work with a region saved online. I am not a developer so I can not really comment on if something can be done.

I think that is it for me. Longer than I expected this to be, but I got my first few thoughts of what multiplayer regions were described to be out. Do let me know what you guys think, how it could be modified, if I missed potentially vital information somewhere. I really want to see where this multiplayer feature can go 🙂
5y ago


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