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Multiplayer Regions

Hello! Recently been having a lot of fun with the new multiplayer regions game mode, it works great! However, there are a few bugs and things that I'd like to mention so we can refine what we have here.

First and foremost issue
It appears as though, while sharing resources between people works, whatever city I'm currently in is the only city owned by me that will produce anything. I'm unsure if this is simply a problem when only one person is online, but it is a problem nonetheless. It means that if I'm producing something important for the colony like food and/or water, I have to stay in that city or everyone dies.

Second issue
Sometimes storage doesn't sync up properly, with the current solution simply being to exit and re-enter a city. While that is a viable solution, without proper communication between people we wouldn't even know our storage has been increased until we exit and enter a city.

Third issue (this isn't necessarily a bug but it fits with what I'm saying here)
There's no other in-game chat solely for those in the multiplayer region. Without being on my discord server collaborating with everyone through that, I would have no idea what people were doing. It would end up with someone using all of a resource up, not being able to communicate certain problems like money or food etc. It really is something that needs to be in a multiplayer collaborative effort.

I had an issue where the game would simply sit on syncing data while trying to enter one of my cities. Never got out of the loading screen. It was all fine after I closed the game and re-opened it, and could enter the city fine afterwards. It's just something to note that it can happen.

Anyways, that's what I could notice from my brief time playing multiplayer last night. Hope this helps.
Hello! I am a High Wizard from the Nations of OZ, come check out our discord server!

I had the never ending synchronization bug but it only happens on my pc but not may tablet
And the collaboration chat is a must
Yeah, the sync issue only happened to me once, but it shouldn't be happening at all.

Just an update, other people in my multiplayer region apparently aren't getting the production from other people's cities while they are offline either. Some other player's maps works, others don't. It could be simply only the last map they were on when they log off continues to produce, or it could just be random. This isn't stable enough to do any large scale building in cooperative play.
Hello! I am a High Wizard from the Nations of OZ, come check out our discord server!

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