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Resource Generation in Region colonies


This bug will reduce your production rates anywhere from 20% to 80% on almost every single city in your region. The production is correct while inside the city, but the moment you leave, the effects take place. This issue has been brought up before previously, but the issue has not been fixed yet so I'd like to bring it up again.

There is a wide variety of players who have noticed this, it isn't just me. Most of these players are some of the best in the game, there is absolutely no way there is a coincidence with this many people having the problem. It's rather frustrating needing to double what you build to get a normal production rate, as I'm sure everyone can agree.

Of course, this is with the latest version, 0.97.0 and I'm using windows 10 native client - though this issue is on every client (Not sure about apple as I don't have that platform).
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What causes the bug? Would like to test it out.
Because the region map don't have a general "update" system. Once the region oversystem have some data from a city, will use this data, even if is not "right".
Yeah unfortunately I see this in every map I have.

@bastecklein is there anyway to maybe rework the resource system? On some colonies I have maps that barely work.
I'm not sure how you have it coded but maybe a main region resource thread then each map having a child process would help the issue?
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