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Reworked Region System


At this time (0.97), Region map have some little problem:

  • Production update: same situation with production, atm i produce oil only in few converter map, not sure why (i miss around 800k for min).. same thing with Painting.
  • Phantom building: sometime (to often), when we delete building (i got report to even phantom city), the region system will continue to pretend that it still exists.
  • Harvest random: In my draconian colony for ether, the harvest is.. strange, the real production change randomly, pretty strange.
  • And the last little problem: when we close a city before the worker have the time to settle (can be need it even some hours.. 2-3h should be ok).

Now, from what i can see, when we build a city, at some point (not sure if append when we build, or save, or we return to region), the game make a list, a table contain all the resources processed, consumed and produced, with population and storage, but not population statistics, approval rating, ecc

After all this bla bla bla, i have some suggestion, just to temporarily fix the problem, without totally rework the region filesystem (i hope.. :D ):

  • Hard recheck city function:
    When used, will delete the old table and make a new one, forcing the check to every city, one by one. Every city actually located in the region map, will be open (not graphic, just textually), everything inside listed.
    Will need some time, but should fix most of the problem, like the phantom building/city.
  • Soft recheck city function:
    Unlike the first hard rechek, this option just try to update the table, not make a new one, could be fix the storage update, and other "easy" problem.
  • Stabilize time
    A building with worker need some time to settle, this time should be reduced a lot. Is a nice thing in normal map, but in region map, can be a problem, because people see all building full with worker, thinking everything is ok, but it is not...
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