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Import & export gameplay idea

Hello guys.

Just some suggestions on a different version of importing.

Importing would be available once you have built an Airdrop Pad. You can order a variety of resources from, primarily headquarters from Earth, secondarily from other colonies. All import orders costs some credits.
However the resource would not arrive immediately, and each Airdrop Pad only supports one trade at a time. Until the ordered supplies has arrived, you cannot order more items using the same Airdrop Pad.

Exporting can be done with a Cargo Dock, which also supports a larger amount of imports at the same time. If the goods are exported to Earth, you gain credits (and maybe loyalty points if we have quests). If the goods are exported to your partner colonies, lesser credits in most cases, but it can improve your prestige in the area.
Similarly, the export is not instantaneous too. You won't get credits immediately when you export, you have to wait for the return of the cargo ship.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
The exporting is going to be more important than in MC1 I think, especially at the beginning. In my opinion, some of the first genuine off-world settlement attempts, aside from government research labs, will be done by corporations trying to extract profits, so being able to return minerals to earth will probably be one of the first things that needs to be worked out.
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