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Version .86 browser Game braking bug !!! critical

Started a totally new colony .
186 colonists - stats shown every thing is fine ( show unemployment 0 homeless 0 rating 98 %
Using Render colonists clicking on them Shows colonists working at labs or steel plants .
NO jobs filled zero every building has NO employs .
colonists walking around going in and out of buildings
Housing for 186 NO housing shows colonists living in them .
Been running this colony for 20 mints no changes tring to force colonists to change jobs ( which again all building empty but colonist stats shows colonist work at a job .
Going to load a colony that is built up and see if any effect .
BUT at this time it is not possible to get colonists to work or to take a home and yet all the stats say every thing is fine BUT again Every building shows 0 colonists working and every home shows 0 colonists living in them .

ps offline colony regular play not creative
A older bigger built up colony all jobs JUST emptyed out all buildings now have no employment
The new colony exiting and reloading has partly fixed it as about half the jobs filled BUT all housing still shows empty 0/3 0/26
labs remain Almost totally empty
This bug will mess up all colonys all stages all production will stop in any colony in the matter of mints .

Buildings will part fill then empty the older colony all jobs were full now empty no jobs no hpouses showing ANY colonists
@colbya can you send me one of these colony files in a conversation
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Man @colbya I've been running an older colony 13k pop for half an hour now and still can't see what you are talking about. I also started a new one and have built it up to about 30 population and they all seem to be working.

These are single maps that I am testing, not regions.
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I actually get this issue sometimes too. I've only noticed it in regions and on maps I don't go in to often.
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Ok guys I was just able to reproduce. I think I've got it figured out. (i mean i know WHY its happening, just have to figure out how to fix it now)
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
It seems to be fixed now @colbya let me know if it isnt'
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
The game is sortive working the colony has 199 colonists as such should take almost no time to fill jobs - housing .
as of running game ten mints housing is still not quite full and a few jobs not taken as it is i have 26 more colonists then jobs .
Stats show NO unemployed NO homeless againg housing not full as well .
so what every you did partly fixed the issue . A large colony with 200 k colonists would be in trouble with the time involved for jobs housing to fill .
Ill check beck again in a wile
ps i play regions only fyi
I am running two colony's both are showing the same effects .
one now has 355 colonists - 355 jobs the other has 647 colonists and 651 jobs .
It is odd I loge back in housing slowly filled as in 20 mints slow .
most jobs full but random buildings will show open jobs one time then be full then have open jobs .
the game will probly work this way but something is not right .
after a amount of time passes ( say ten mints buildings will slowly louse employs )
the one with 647 colonists has steel plants slowly emptying out of employs . When i first loged back in the buidlngs did refill now are once again slowly empting .
PS using AVG secure browser > Basically the same as chrome but virus proof .

PSS Stats say every thing normal NO unemployment But alest 25 % minim unemployed
housing seams to be staying full now
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