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I am the World's Most Stupid Player. At least, that's how I feel right now. I am so completely clueless that I can't even accomplish the first task while running the game in its easiest mode. Please help me figure this out.

faction: United Earth
planet: Earthlike
instruction: Tell the rover to begin harvesting.

I could give a long, detailed, blow-by-blow account of the problems I encountered, or I can summarise. I suspect y'all would prefer I summarise. Please correct me if I'm stupid enough to get that wrong, too.

I'm doing what the game wants me to do, insofar as I can figure out what that is. I use the rover to build a resource depot exactly next to an Ore Deposit. I tell the rover to start harvesting. It complains that there's no resource depot. I begin ripping out my hair in frustration.

At this point, I'm ready to enter a Vin Diesel lookalike contest. And all I want to do is the first thing the tutorial text tells me to do. I don't even know what the second thing is yet. That's how bad this is.

Please help!


Slightly-longer-but-still-not-detailed-blow-by-blow version:

The instructions never mentioned a resource depot. Eventually, I figured out that I had to build one before I could harvest anything.
Eventually, I also figured out that I can't just build the resource depot. I have to get the rover to build it.
And although I had it in my head that I could accomplish this task at a Gold Deposit (since that's gold ore), I eventually figured out that I needed to be at an Ore Deposit. Go figure.
Eventually, I figured out that the resource depot needs to be exactly next to the Ore Deposit.
One time, quite by accident, I actually managed to use the rover to build a resource depot and begin harvesting!!

One time.
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When you want to harvest you indeed need a collector.
You can search that up on the reference. For example, the Lander (base building) can collect the following (under collect-refines) so if you want to collect ore no problem, but it can't take gold.

The normal behavior of the rovers is that when you click ''harvest'' they drive to the nearest deposit and then back to the nearest collector. One strange thing that you're having though is that normally it doesn't need to be next to it.

What collector building did you finally build? Raw Materials Deposit? And what Rovers do you have ? You can harvest ore with the base UE rovers but gold with Gold Miner.

So if you want to harvest ore, you just click harvest and you don't need to build a collector as the lander is a collector.
If you want gold you need to build a raw materials Depot and it should go from Deposit to collector.
Otherwise I can't think of more complications and there's a bug.
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