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bastecklein said:I think the cap is based on number of bus stations if I remember right. So to increase the number of people using the system, you need to build more bus stops

Unfortunately i don't think that's the case, after building 5 more bus stops in both the main city and the neighbouring one its still 950 remote workers despite the available jobs
2y ago
@bastecklein is there going to be a fix for the regional bus system? Currently remote workers are capped at 950 regardless of population, and most of those remote workers do not end up being accounted for in neighbouring cities (e.g. jobs are still not being taken up). I've tried raising wages in peripheral cities twice or thrice that of the origin city, but it seems that colonists in the origin city would rather endure way lower wages and sky high unemployment rates than work in other cities

My origin city has at least 3 bus authority buildings beside every housing district, and there are road that directly connect to the adjacent city
2y ago


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