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This building generates lots of water while using uranium, atmosphere and rum. Why rum? because yes.

Resource cost:
80000 ore
65000 steel
55000 gold
50000 microchips
6500 aluminium
4500 uranium

1 uranium, 25 atmosphere >> 100 water
in: 2 seconds (not gonna try to calculate that into ticks)
Consumes 10 rum every 10 seconds
Workers: 14


Source image:
1d ago
yes, you have to, sadly
1d ago
Are you independent?
1d ago
Tree farm unlocks as Stage 2, which is 1 million atmosphere. Alternatively you could buy some wood.
2d ago

This is an upgrade to the Small Vehicle Factory.
It's just very strange to me that there is no upgrade to the building which is pretty much needed until the end of the game.

Resources needed:
- 1100 Ore
- 200 Steel

What it does: Essentially the same thing as the Small version, but the building process is 5x quicker.
This helps a lot when building Megabots.

I've tried to make the building as close to Bast's art style as I could. Feedback is appreciated

16d ago
and LIS, Draconians and Zolargs won't be in the game, ever, because it's not that time frame. It's a prequel to every other colony game. Before LIS. Before humans met Zolargs and Draconians.
1mo ago
That's cool and all but... It's already in the game
1mo ago
The most popular MC2 mod gets a fresh rework!

My Colony 2 Sandbox V2.0
➳ Game Version: v0.22.0

Hello everyone, I finally got around to remaking MC2 Sandbox on the newest version. A lot has changed since V1, in the mod and the game itself, but the mod's core purpose is the exact same.
Main features:
- Sandbox mode! All structures and units cost 0 of their resource. This means that you need to unlock the resource first, but you still won't need to shell it out to build a structure or a unit.
- Free research! All research goals require no research resource.
- Build things you normally can't build! Added Admin Rover which builds unbuildable buildings, and Admin Spawning Tower, which builds unbuildable units.

Hope you enjoy!
DEV note: This version has the same GameID as V1.
1mo ago
This is actually a very good idea I second this.
1mo ago
that is a good idea, i like very much
1mo ago
Hi! stages are the levels of atmosphere that your colony has. it goes as follows:
Stage 0 - 0 atmosphere
Stage 1 - 250000 atmosphere
Stage 2 - 1 million atmosphere
Stage 3 - 5 million atmosphere
Stage 4 - 15 million atmosphere
Starts being toxic at about 30 million, so be careful.
1mo ago
You can download Ape Apps Launcher, then play My Colony from the launcher. It's basically all the same as web though.
3mo ago
he's the emperor of the Old Earth republic
6mo ago
I was about to suggest that, haha
7mo ago
Enable interest so I can be the first a¢ quadrillionaire
7mo ago


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