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itsLiseczeq is my old name and I don't know if you can change it...
My new name is cakedon :)
he's the emperor of the Old Earth republic
1mo ago
I was about to suggest that, haha
2mo ago
Enable interest so I can be the first a¢ quadrillionaire
2mo ago
Hi yall!
So, I have a habit of playing games on my phone when I have no internet, like for example MC1, but-
My Colony 2 loads fine without internet. Everything is cool and all.. But when you make a colony, even in private mode, it gets stuck on "Creating Server"
So I think its just made to set up an online server even if it's offline. Which is a shame
It'd be cool if we could make Offline mode colonies (like MC1) and much like MC1 they could be made into online colonies for the price of clearing all your resources, for exploit purposes..
3mo ago
waaait. what? 128gb ram? lucky guy
4mo ago
Premium should not affect the game. Approval and health are bugged in the current versions, you shouldn't care about them much, they pretty much don't affect gameplay.
4mo ago
Excuse me? What game does that apply to?
4mo ago
Les go! I love D3D
4mo ago
I bought MC on steam, and when I logged into my account on Steam version, and logged into my account on mobile version, it was updated to Premium.
It should work the same way in the other direction, but I saw some folks had problems with it. If you have the same problem, Bast will probably upgrade your account to Premium himself.
4mo ago
Me and @Sobeirannovaocc have talked on Discord about the way that the Logistics station works and we came to the conclusion that it does need a rework, so here is our idea:

Logistics stations need to be connected with roads to work.

This can also enable a possibility of having 2 or more resource pools without them intersecting.
But, I hear you ask, "How the bloody hell am I supposed to build roads, if my colonies are apart like thousands of tiles!?"
Well, here's another idea of mine. Wasteland Rovers! Those would be the only bots that can build stuff outside of your colony. For example, roads!
Of course it wouldn't be able to build anything a normal rover would. For example, no Ore refineries. But something like a light post, for example.
And roads.

So, with those two, you can have infinite resource pool reach, that you do control. Fixed a problem that many people ran into, and fixed a problem you didn't even know that you needed to fix!

Also there could be a building that exchanges resources with a colony of not-your-ownership. Maybe just connect a road to an already existing road, that connects to someone else's Logistics station. And then you can access your station to send him stuff.

That's our ideas. Add them or else!
(JK. Love you Bast!)
5mo ago
Sorry I don't speak surrenderish
5mo ago
From what I understand - It can be used for free, but you can pay the font author some money from time to time as a "licensing fee".
5mo ago
me cuz i loved it in mc1...
5mo ago
hell yes! the worst that it can do is flop, I'd play this kind of game!
5mo ago
10 would be the best i think
5mo ago
Or better yet - if there arent any buildings in a 6-tile radius, generate some ores there from time to time, something like mc1
5mo ago


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