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itsLiseczeq is my old name and I don't know if you can change it...
My new name is cakedon :)
There's trading in the game, right? Galactic Freight could have lower embargo/better sale prices.
7d ago
Whoops that steam thing might have been my fault
Well, of course it's better now. I've only ever tested it on one account.
27d ago
Also forgot to add: I will be posting updates and "devlogs" in this thread. Stay tuned!
2mo ago

Hello everyone!
I recently really got into oldschool DOOM and so far, I'm having a blast playing through the old games - DOOM, DOOM II, Plutonia Experiment, TNT Evilution, everything that came out on DOS. With my burning passion for anything level design related, I've naturally also dabbled with mapmaking for DOOM, and I wanted to create a project that I could use to teach myself the map editor and make something cool.
I've always wanted to remake the levels from Death 3D in another game. First it was Half Life 2 - but I found that game to be too complex to recreate a set of simple levels in. Then once when I played a bit of DOOM II, I remembered about that failed attempt and immediately thought about the same thing, but in DOOM. After all, it's a simple game as well, which is pretty much perfect to recreate D3D's levels in.
I've also finally found a way to get the level files directly from ApeWebApps servers, so I don't have to bug Bast about them too. Bast, if you mind at all, Sorry, not sorry. I will not publish them or tell you how to fetch them in case Bast doesn't want you to.
So with that out of the way, I present you: DOOM 3D. I don't mean present as in, "here it is, play it"; closer to something like "Here's this cool thing I thought about doing, I'll probably spend 10 hours on it and forget about it" or something similar.
2mo ago
Glad to see that the FF00FF thing worked :) and thanks everyone for the kind words!
3mo ago
Hello everyone! It's been quite a lot of time since I've made anything for MC2, and it was the Ore Fracking Operation, which was added! It's been a complete makeover, still resembling the general purpose-style of 1's OFO. I had loved for it to be 3x2, but sadly Voxel Paint still doesn't support non-square builds, so I decided to just make it a 2x2 building.
This time I've been playing on an abandoned world and I've noticed that there's no early-game passive extraction method for Regolith, which I quickly ran out of. So I decided that I should make the Regolith worlds equivalent of the Ore Fracker, which in 1 was the Regolith Extraction Inc.
This time I've remodeled it to be more of a freight/warehouse operation rather than a kind of a roofed mineshaft that I interpreted RE Inc. as.
I hope you like this model, I still for the life of me cannot build vehicles in voxels, but hey, I think I did a good enough job.
Stats for OFO were pretty much the exact same in 2 as they were in 1, so I'm gonna say this would be a good idea for the Regolith building.
4mo ago
Same, Oil. Bast's gonna be a billionaire tomorrow.
S> Dev Solar Panel
C/O: -
B/O: 10,000 USD
4mo ago
The Downfall of My Colonies
4mo ago
purchasable building idea
4mo ago
4mo ago
Bro... Building skins? Take my goddamn money already!
4mo ago
I believe it falls under multiplayer notifications
4mo ago
You can go independent with all civilizations. LIS can't make bases on Red planets.
4mo ago
Lil fella house is a cutie
4mo ago
jeez i almost thought you misspelled "modeller" in the domain name but modeller is just the british spelling.. smh english language is a joke
5mo ago
hurts my brain. awesome
5mo ago
maybe a server option to switch from international trade to server only? that's a good system GGG
5mo ago
roxannatalley said:I really really really want this to happen.

5mo ago


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