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Regolith Extraction Plant (Regolith Extraction Inc. / Ore Fracking Operation for Regolith)

Hello everyone! It's been quite a lot of time since I've made anything for MC2, and it was the Ore Fracking Operation, which was added! It's been a complete makeover, still resembling the general purpose-style of 1's OFO. I had loved for it to be 3x2, but sadly Voxel Paint still doesn't support non-square builds, so I decided to just make it a 2x2 building.
This time I've been playing on an abandoned world and I've noticed that there's no early-game passive extraction method for Regolith, which I quickly ran out of. So I decided that I should make the Regolith worlds equivalent of the Ore Fracker, which in 1 was the Regolith Extraction Inc.
This time I've remodeled it to be more of a freight/warehouse operation rather than a kind of a roofed mineshaft that I interpreted RE Inc. as.
I hope you like this model, I still for the life of me cannot build vehicles in voxels, but hey, I think I did a good enough job.
Stats for OFO were pretty much the exact same in 2 as they were in 1, so I'm gonna say this would be a good idea for the Regolith building.
Have a fantastic day!
~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)
Very nice model Cake!
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Glad to see that the FF00FF thing worked :) and thanks everyone for the kind words!
Have a fantastic day!
~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)
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