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Hello everyone! It's been quite a lot of time since I've made anything for MC2, and it was the Ore Fracking Operation, which was added! It's been a complete makeover, still resembling the general purpose-style of 1's OFO. I had loved for it to be 3x2, but sadly Voxel Paint still doesn't support non-square builds, so I decided to just make it a 2x2 building.
This time I've been playing on an abandoned world and I've noticed that there's no early-game passive extraction method for Regolith, which I quickly ran out of. So I decided that I should make the Regolith worlds equivalent of the Ore Fracker, which in 1 was the Regolith Extraction Inc.
This time I've remodeled it to be more of a freight/warehouse operation rather than a kind of a roofed mineshaft that I interpreted RE Inc. as.
I hope you like this model, I still for the life of me cannot build vehicles in voxels, but hey, I think I did a good enough job.
Stats for OFO were pretty much the exact same in 2 as they were in 1, so I'm gonna say this would be a good idea for the Regolith building.
12h ago
Same, Oil. Bast's gonna be a billionaire tomorrow.
S> Dev Solar Panel
C/O: -
B/O: 10,000 USD
5d ago
The Downfall of My Colonies
9d ago
purchasable building idea
10d ago
12d ago
Bro... Building skins? Take my goddamn money already!
15d ago
I believe it falls under multiplayer notifications
21d ago
You can go independent with all civilizations. LIS can't make bases on Red planets.
23d ago
Lil fella house is a cutie
26d ago
jeez i almost thought you misspelled "modeller" in the domain name but modeller is just the british spelling.. smh english language is a joke
29d ago
hurts my brain. awesome
29d ago
maybe a server option to switch from international trade to server only? that's a good system GGG
29d ago
roxannatalley said:I really really really want this to happen.

1mo ago
"The cutoff is 10, because MC1 considers kids over 10 to be working age"
1mo ago
not a fix to the issue but "sorptest" is hilarious. correct spelling is "supposed"
2mo ago
Architecture1134 said:The small vehicle factory is 2x2 and the medium is 2x3, so therefore this will be the first structure requiring more room to upgrade?

I'd rather for it to be a non-upgrable thing, like the large water tower for example.
2mo ago
bastecklein said:Do you have an idea for a research requirement? New tech, or one of the current ones?

Something related both to Alien tech and Science climate theory. I don't really know what to pin it up to because you already unlock that little alien atmosphere condenser.. and it's basically the same thing, but small.
2mo ago
1. "Today, I am here to talk about the development of MC2." you sound like bast's boss.

2. He is not forced to add everything you'll suggest, and, most likely won't.

3. MC2 is a prequel to all things My Colony related. In this time, LIS does not exist yet so this suggestion is immediately invalid.

4. I've seen your voxel models. Please don't even bother.
2mo ago

This building generates lots of water while using uranium, atmosphere and rum. Why rum? because yes.

Resource cost:
80000 ore
65000 steel
55000 gold
50000 microchips
6500 aluminium
4500 uranium

1 uranium, 25 atmosphere >> 100 water
in: 2 seconds (not gonna try to calculate that into ticks)
Consumes 10 rum every 10 seconds
Workers: 14


Source image:
3mo ago
yes, you have to, sadly
3mo ago


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