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[Project] DOOM 3D - Death 3D as a DOOM II WAD


Hello everyone!
I recently really got into oldschool DOOM and so far, I'm having a blast playing through the old games - DOOM, DOOM II, Plutonia Experiment, TNT Evilution, everything that came out on DOS. With my burning passion for anything level design related, I've naturally also dabbled with mapmaking for DOOM, and I wanted to create a project that I could use to teach myself the map editor and make something cool.
I've always wanted to remake the levels from Death 3D in another game. First it was Half Life 2 - but I found that game to be too complex to recreate a set of simple levels in. Then once when I played a bit of DOOM II, I remembered about that failed attempt and immediately thought about the same thing, but in DOOM. After all, it's a simple game as well, which is pretty much perfect to recreate D3D's levels in.
I've also finally found a way to get the level files directly from ApeWebApps servers, so I don't have to bug Bast about them too. Bast, if you mind at all, Sorry, not sorry. I will not publish them or tell you how to fetch them in case Bast doesn't want you to.
So with that out of the way, I present you: DOOM 3D. I don't mean present as in, "here it is, play it"; closer to something like "Here's this cool thing I thought about doing, I'll probably spend 10 hours on it and forget about it" or something similar.
Have a fantastic day!
~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)
Also forgot to add: I will be posting updates and "devlogs" in this thread. Stay tuned!
Have a fantastic day!
~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)

Started work on Breakout!
Have a fantastic day!
~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)
The first level - Breakout - is done!
Have a fantastic day!
~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)
Pretty awesome @itsLiseczeq !
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Death 3d
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