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Some users on Windows 10/11 have been reporting that EZ Diary entries are missing after the recent update. I am not sure of the cause yet, but you have be able to find them using the current steps.

First open the file manager and navigate to the C:\Users folder. In Users, there should be a folder that is named after your Windows account username. Open that up, and in there you want to open a folder called AppData. This folder is hidden by default, so if you can't find it, you need to go to Folder Options -> View -> and Show Hidden Files.

You then browse to the Local folder, then the Packages folder. In there should be a folder called 61083ApeApps.EZDiary_d2yynnfvsn014f or something similar. Open that up, and then there is a folder called LocalState. That would be the location where Windows stored your EZ Diary files if they are still there. The entire path looks like this:

C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\Packages\61083ApeApps.EZDiary_SOME RANDOM CHARS\LocalState

If your Diary files are in there (they will have a .ezj file extension), just copy them out of that folder and put them somewhere you will remember. You can then open them by going to the Folder icon and Open Diary within the EZ Diary app.

Hope this helps someone!

9mo ago
Hey @hissyfit99

On Windows 10, if your diary still opens there, open it up and from the File menu use the "Backup Diary" option, and then on Windows 11, import the diary in a similar manner.

You can also sign in to the app with your Ape Apps Account and turn on the Cloud Sync option in Diary Settings which should also carry it over from one installation to the next.
2y ago
Help! My EZ Diary App on my PC won't let me unlock the diary. The box to type in my password does not
appear. "Cannot Open Diary" appears on the screen. I upgraded to Windows 11 and this happened. I went back to Windows 10 and it is still there.
2y ago
When I go to Diary Settings the only colour option is to change "Theme Colour" which changes entries. I am looking to take the entire diary off darkmode. How do you do it? When you download the diary it shows pictures of darkmode and regular mode.
4mo ago
Yes, you need to sign into both with your Ape Apps account. Then from your diary, go to the menu, (File on desktop), Diary Settings, Cloud Sync.
3y ago
Hi, I purchased EZ diary premium on my android phone, Then I installed the app on my laptop from the windows store. The windows app is not showing that it is premium and is still showing ads. Do I need to purchase premium on all my devices?
3y ago
EZ Diary sorts by latest entry.
Can I sort it by diary date?
I am adding some entries from 2021, so now the list of entries on the screen is not in date order.
2y ago
Does anyone know why EZ Diary has basically ceased to exist? Like I open the app and this is what I get every time:
I really liked this app a lot & I'm sad it no longer works.
I have been using EZ Diary for 7 months +/- now and today I can't open it up to add to it. It shows 191 entries and I can't get in to add any more. Can anyone suggest a fix/work around?
Thank you.
1y ago
This is not where this belongs. It is an EZ item, so this thread likely belongs to the "EZ Diary" forum segment.
The app updated and now all my entries are gone. :( Can anyone tell me the extension of the diary files so I can search my computer for where they might be?
9mo ago
The app updated and I no longer have a search function in diary. I also liked the old layout better.
9mo ago
Since a lot of the questions in this section are related to the EZ Office applications, I have created a new separate site dedicated only to those applications. I will be changing the in-app support forum links as I update them, but until then, if you have a question regarding one of the EZ Office apps, please see this new website:

The following apps are considered a part of EZ Office
  • PDF Document Scanner
  • Noteastic Notepad
  • EZ Calendar Maker
  • EZ Database
  • EZ Diary
  • EZ Letter Maker
  • EZ Outliner
  • EZ Register
  • EZ Sheets
  • EZ Tasks
So again, for questions/suggestions/support related to any of the above apps, please see the new EZ Office website. Thank you!
4y ago
Ant way of syncing the PC app with the phone app?
3y ago
It should sync. On the Android phone you bought Premium on, make sure you are signed in to your Ape Apps Account. You might have to open/close the app a few times to get the purchase to sync.
3y ago
Estou com um problema para acessar um diário, aparece "cannot open diary" e o título está escrito de uma forma estranha, tenho muitas anotações lá que eu não posso perder, por favor resolvam isso
2y ago
Hey @SpacePirateRyoko it will be back up at some point soon(ish), I am in the middle of transition it to a new server.
1y ago
Since a few days I can't access my 4 diaries anymore. They do not open when I click on them. What can I do? I need them urgently!

Sincerly Katerhumpel
1y ago
I'm relieved to have found anything containing so much important information.
1y ago
Hey @iceman341 see if this helps:
9mo ago
That fix worked. Thank you so much @bastecklein
9mo ago
Hey @stacybbeck if you are on Windows, follow these instructions. They are for EZ Diary, but it should be basically the same for EZ Register too:

5mo ago
Right now it is just based off of the theme color of your device. I can also add an overwrite though so you can set it however you want.
4mo ago
You can either create your own set of code or use the dinosaur game already popular ones on the internet.
3mo ago
My EZ diary office is not working, and I need help to open it and I'm trying to, but it won't let, me. Thank you.
1mo ago
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