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This current idea will be set on hold, because bastecklein said he isn't smart enough to make that game. Now another possible idea that I had in my mind, is a game like Seedship, which I have been playing for a couple days. This game will be called "My Space Journey". The starting dialogue will be shown below.

You are in a spaceship, designed in the United Earth's shipyard, called the Shuttlepod. Not like an ark, but like an shuttle. 100 colonists are in their frozen dreams in space.

January 1, 2275

[*]Humanity has gone extinct. It is up to you to make another home for these 100 colonists. Find a planet that is suitable for the hundred colonists to live.

Second page dialogue:

Anything that is damaged will awake the colonists, and damage must not be assured within your journey. Please scan the planet if it is habitable.
Scan Planet

The space shuttle arrives at a galaxy, called [Galaxy name]. The spaceship is at the [Northern/Eastern/Southern/Western/etc] side of the galaxy, at galactic coordinates [X:xxx(1-999); Y:xxx(1-999)], at the star called [Star name]. The star system* contains [number(1-10)] planets, [number(1-5)] of which are rock planets, and [number(1-5)] are gas giants. [none/only one/number(2-9)/all] of the planets have moons. The space shuttle ship now lands at the [first/second/third/fourth/etc(fifth-tenth)] planet. It has [number(1-10)] moon(s), and is a [rocky/gas] planet.

Scanning planet...
[When Scan complete]
Scan complete. Choose what to do.

Oxygen: xxxxxxx ppm (no more than 1000000 or less than 0)
Gravity: xxxxxxx Gs (max 1000)
Greenhouse gases: xxxxxxx bar
[*]Greenhouse gases:
Carbon dioxide: xxxxxxx pa
Methane: xxxxxxx pa
Carbon monoxide: xxxxxxx pa
Sulfur dioxide: xxxxxxx pa
Nitrogen dioxide: xxxxxxx pa
Nitrous oxide: xxxxxxx pa
Water vapor: xxxxxxx pa (Note: only appears if the world is greater than 300 K)
Water: xxxxxxx m
Max elevation: xxxxxxx m
Resources: xxxxxxx
[*]Ore: xxxxxxx
[*]Gold: xxxxxxx
[*]Aluminum: xxxxxxx
[*]Uranium: xxxxxxx
[*]Oil: xxxxxxx
[*]Water ice: xxxxxxx
Anomalies: [anomalies]**

Land on planet
Move on

Surface probes: 5 starting probes
*If the star is a system or not
**Anomaly types:
[*]Structures (may contain native population)
High-tech (contributes to scientific research; may contain resources (ore, steel, gold, etc. [usually 1-500]))
Monumental (contributes to cultural research)
Mediocre (does nothing)
Dangerous (kills colonists[random amount between 1 and 10])
[*]Native plants (may provide food)
Edible (gives food[random amount between 1 and 100])
Plantlife (does nothing)
Poisonous (kills people and takes food[random amount between 1 and 10 colonists, random between 1 and 100 food]
[*]Native animals (may help out with construction and getting resources)
Useful (helps with construction and resources)
Animal life (does nothing)
Dangerous (kills people and damages buildings)
[*]Native civilization (randomly named and populated)
Ice Age, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Middle Age, Medieval Age, Pre-Industrial Age, Industrial Age, Computer Age, Information Age, Robot Age
Democracy, Theocracy, Corrupt State, Warring State, Plutocracy, Cosmic Paradise, Athocracy (no culture)
[**]Native relations:
Friendly (will aid you in certain conditions)
Isolationism (will do nothing)
Hostile (will attack you and steal your resources)

More will be shown later in this post. Please reply anytime. Thank you for understanding!
I downloaded free Pdf Scan.
Then I purchased Pdf Scan Premium.
How do I know that I have premium version as when it loads it does not indicate it is the premium version.
Also when I view my ms account I see my order details but no option to download it.
1y ago
Traloach said:I downloaded free Pdf Scan.
Then I purchased Pdf Scan Premium.
How do I know that I have premium version as when it loads it does not indicate it is the premium version.
Also when I view my ms account I see my order details but no option to download it.

The Premium is not a separate download, it unlocks all of the features in the regular download. You will know that it is unlocked because the app will not have any advertisements in it, and all of the features you see will work without giving you a popup notice saying they require premium.
1y ago

i need urgent the possibility to change the scan settings.
I have to get black/white pages for book keeping.
Maximum allowance is max. 500kbs, i need to get it for max. 4 pages, i did not found the possiblity to change scan settings, but this is absolutely necessary for me to reduce it.

Thank you.

1y ago
I've used the app successfully before, but am getting this same result. I scan a document, but nothing appears on the screen. Last time I tried several things (restarting, etc.), and only when I uninstalled and reinstalled did it work. Now it's back to nothing showing up after a scan. (The pages go through the scanner, and everything seems like it's working -- just no document produced.) How do I troubleshoot this? (Using Windows 10, PDF Document Scanner v 4.13.0.)
3y ago
If I just scan a single page from the printer feeder, I see a document in the app window at the end of the process. When I scan a three page document I don't. It triggers the pages to move through the feeder and the scanner light moves, but at the end there is nothing to work with. Am I missing a step?
3y ago
lp9999 said:If I just scan a single page from the printer feeder, I see a document in the app window at the end of the process. When I scan a three page document I don't. It triggers the pages to move through the feeder and the scanner light moves, but at the end there is nothing to work with. Am I missing a step?

They should all show up, I have tried up to 10 at a time in the feeder without issue. What model of scanner do you have?
3y ago
When I first started to use this, it gave me a square adjustment window, but now it only gives me a circular window to adjust the zoom after the scan, which often cuts off the corners of my scan. How can I get the square window back? Thanks!
3y ago
That is a good point about the planet already being surveyed, @GeneralWadaling

Perhaps all of the basic minerals are researched planet-wide at the beginning, like ore, gold, aluminum, etc
But others require tech to discover, such as artifacts. Or maybe you can't even scan for Artifacts, you just happen upon them sometimes.
Maybe some require sensors, like Oil. You can't really scan a planet for oil anyway, I mean people end up drilling dry holes all the time.
1y ago
I was always able to scan to pdf from my printer using the ez pdf scanner app.
As of recent, my printer is not showing on the list as devices to scan to.
When I click on "add new printer," it still can't find it.
Any advice on how I can make that work again would be helpful.
1y ago
You have to convert it to black+white after the scan right now, there is no way to preset the corrections at the moment.
1y ago
With so many Nice buildings and great art work .
It is getting harder to choose what building is the best looking .
The detail on the new conference Building is very very good .
But the 10 k colonists arch has lights in teh windows that changes when you use scan out view .

Like i say its getting hard to choose so which is the one you like .
4y ago
I attempted to create a pdf by scanning a document. It created a bitmap file instead of a pdf. I thought this was supposed to scan and create pdf files?
3y ago
@HammerActual sometimes maps corrupt unfortunately the best thing to do is delete them and rebuild it. I would also do a virus scan of your computer it seems to be the common problem of lost maps.
2y ago
Nice drawings, I wish I had time to do stuff like that. All I can come up with is written ideas, and those take me hours to write as it is.

Just an idea, it may or may not help. you could scan that picture and open it via inkscape. Then you could change the color of the lines to a yellow color(or another bright color) and trace them with black lines using the line and pencil tools, and then use the fine eraser tool over the yellow tinted lines. Then you can fill the spaces in between with appropriate colors using the filler tool. Shouldn't be any real need to redraw all of them on the computer from scratch, just a few hours of image editing magic.

Once you've done this to all of the images, then you can crop each image into it's oown file and then stretch or compress each of them to fit into the tile based sizes that my colony requires buildings to be. I can't remember the dimensions, but there's a thread at the top of the idea forum called "artists, submit your drawings."(something like that) that has the dimension requirements.

There may even be a faster way of doing this, but if you are bad a drawing things on computer from scratch, then this could be a good way around it.
2y ago
So just an update, I have gotten a reply from Google and My Colony has been upgraded from "Suspended" to just "Removed," which gives me access to publish an update. I think the issue was related to the version of the game from the Ape Market being able to auto-update itself. The auto-update code is not accessible from the Google Play edition of the game .apk, but the actual code is still in there. Google must decompile and scan the .apk's for certain lines of code. I am going to try to publish an updated version of the .apk to the Play Store and see what happens.

If they accept it, the only difference going forward is that the version downloaded from the Ape Market will no longer be able to auto-update itself, which is only a minor inconvenience as only a handful of people use that edition. It will instead open a browser to the download page where they can download the .apk manually. I think it is an acceptable tradeoff though.
2y ago
This goes along with my other post regarding graphics creation, but I am thinking of making a change to the way MC2 loads content, which should allow for more distributed development, but also easier modding.

Right now in MC1, all of the game parameters are defined in a single json file. My thought for MC2 is to have a "buildings" folder in the project directory that is full of individual building definition files. When the client is loaded, it will scan that folder and load each building file individually, instead of reading everything from the single json script.

This is more complicated, but it allows for adding new buildings to the game at runtime for modding/customization. It also allows for the community to easily create and submit their own buildings for inclusion into the main game. And since the files can be loaded at runtime, new building candidates can easily be tested out by the entire community before getting the go/no go for inclusion into the main game.

My thought would be to release an editor desktop application that would allow you to create a building, define all of it's parameters, and package it together with a 3d model file and a small thumbnail image for the construction sidebar. That way anybody could download the editor and start making content for the game. They can even load it right into their game and test/debug it.

Just wondering what people think of this model/concept, or if anybody would actually utilize it. It is a bit more work for me up front, so if nobody would take advantage of it I would not waste my time. However, in the long run I think it could greatly expand the content of the game and expedite development.

Let me know your thoughts!
1y ago
is it possible to get a multiple-page-scan?
Thanks for your answers!
1y ago
pdf scanner suddenly won't let me scan anything but only asks if I want to import a picture or file from the device. What is wrong with this? another useless update that ruined a perfectly good working app?? help please
1y ago
hi bots go invisible when changing the view size . in other words just using the pulse and - use the - to make it so you c see the whole medium map at once and the bots can no longer been seen they go invisible .
im sure just using scan in and out will have same effect .
ps using web app
1y ago
Hello, funny I ended up here as I downloaded this app off of The EZ PDF Document Scanner connects to my Xerox Documate 3220 just fine and scans standard size pages but does not correctly scan legal docs even after changing the option to "legal" in the program. You'll see in the attachment that it gets cropped in legal. Please advise.
1y ago
So you shouldn't have to click on the trash twice, I will look into it because that must be a bug.

The main advantage to signing in to the app is that it will sync your premium upgrade to any device you are using. For example, if you purchase PDF Document Scanner premium on Windows and sign into the app using your account, you will automatically get Premium on the Android and iOS editions, without having to buy it again.

I do not have a special support document for the app, only the forums.

There is a single IAP in the app that unlocks all features. Right now the Premium edition removes ads, gives a few more post-scan processing options, and allows you to add a title page.
11mo ago
Dear Developer,

I am hoping that you are doing well. I am having an issue opening a scan project. I have rebooted my computer a few times but when I click on open project it keeps showing "processing, please wait..."

If I click on save project it also given me error indicating cannot find data. It was working a few weeks ago and I was able to add scans to that project and view past scans.

I am wondering if there is any solution to this error. Please reply to me as soon as possible.

10mo ago
How do I get it to do double-sided scans?
10mo ago
I just upgraded to Premium. When I opened the only choices were Import from Camera or File. I just need to scan.
6mo ago
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