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Everytime after a city have built too much rum distilleries, this happens.

Water (and food) is "profitable" business. (smirking)

Side note, this is the case that when city has totally ran out of water, and has 18 rum distilleries.

@bastecklein BTW also a reporting a problem, not sure is that the city out of funds or a bug.
When the sum of profit in a single trade is too large the transaction will not occur even if you click sell.
My Starship has just been updated to v0.14.0 and should be hitting all platforms over the coming days. This update fixes several outstanding issues. Also, three new resources have been added, Oil, Plastic, and Spice. A new planet upgrade/factory has also been added, the Plastic Factory. Finally, I have begin converting the ship-stats window into an overall game statistics screen similar to the one found in My Colony. Eventually, this screen will show all kinds of information about your current game.

That's it for this update, check it out and stay tuned for more!


2y ago


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