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Where did everyone go? It seems like the forums are basically dead at this point...

Where is the community based now is is there even a community
5y ago
Do I have to have discord to join?
5y ago
I would definitely like this, it’s really hard to organize all my stuff come late game.

But maybe to balance it out, have it so you need different tiers of movers to move different buildings, and they are ultra expensive and need a robot factory to make.
In addition, have it so when it moves buildings it cannot be obstructed by others, so when you want to move a house you can’t have an bank in the way. Decor tiles are exceptions probably
5y ago
It doesnt say it does in the stats area of the reference so I’m assuming it’s a typo or it used to but it was changed

Here is the link
5y ago
Like the update going to wait for it on iPad

6y ago
Ok thanks
6y ago
So I have premium
I did not buy it

It kinda doesn’t work but still why is it here

Steps to replicate
1. Not play for like 3 months
2. Go to China
3.Play it cuz it is not restrained by China
4. Realize you can get checkered pavement
5. Try out Creative cuz u has premium
6. Loads up old colony image, nothing working
7. Try again, then black screen
8. And again

So why do I even have premium?
Probably spelled premium wrong the whole time
Plz help
I be confused

IPad Pro, 2 years old uhhhm idk processor
17 March 2018 Shanghai Time
6y ago
Anyone know a good way to layout the colony? I am unsure, my 4x4 grid system is not really working out with late game.
6y ago
And as bombs kept falling on AC Industries, and the people protested, a select few fled to a moon to start anew, a better world then before, with lights and schools and most importantly, care.
They established a new home, and as the rest of the remanents of the colony collapsed, they could only shrug their shoulders.

2017 TO 2018
under cared for

A new colony of mine coming soon!
6y ago
I like music.
The colonists should too.
Opera house or concert hall or something that is music-y
Provides entertainment and boosts happiness a lot
Not available to the heartless reptilians

2. Blueprint plans
So I build my colony using 4x4 lattices
It would be nice to be able to duplicate the pavements in sectors which could save a lot of time
So you can select an area then paste to blueprints and you can build that under a new blueprints tab in the build tab
You can do so with anything, buildings, pavements, decoration, ore mines, trees, production arrays etc
Could be useful could be not

food variety!
Yaya yayayay ya
So maybe if you reach the garden bed stage you can choose doifferent crops?
This does not affect food amounts, just different foods
Each race has different food types
More food types = more happiness
And it turns out, money can grow on trees! Kinda
Ore plants! Expensive but effective
once the garden bed cycle finishes instead of food yields minerals!
Cost of seeds depends on scarceness of metal or for normal plants nothing
Eg Aluminum will be 1000x more costly than gold

4. Insects need to fight back
So reptilians ABDUCT them!
How rude
Insect anti-reptile milita
Takes minerals from reptilians
You know, payback, but not ABDUCTION

6y ago
That would be neat
6y ago
Also, not sure if this is a good idea,
Steal buildings?
Like decorative ones only otherwise that would be too op
6y ago
Oh and how do you delete a colony?
6y ago
6y ago
So you know how the reptilians are just mean to the insectoids
I think they should be mean to the humans too
Maybe they could...”borrow” some stuff from them for free?
Like a Zolarg mining facility which creates stuff at random, it “borrows” stuff from the humans for its own use, and the stuff it steals is random?

Intergalactic Pickpocketing Society
Reptilians only
No picture available, sorry
1000 antanium
5000 ore
3000 gold
50 uranium
500 food
500 water
(Possible rum usage)
(Possible aluminum usage)

Per 3 seconds, generates either 1 ore or 1 food, water, gold, steel, ihbihdsqoigqb and all other different resources
Even reasearch(pickpocket books)
Colonists (somehow)
Civics? (Stealing the declaration of freedom of the colony)
Atmosphere ( if you really want that)
And rare items usually unobtainable

Needs a tier 4 construction bot and 500 colonists
What think?
Should the reptilians be truely evil?
6y ago
Hi I’m back from a long hiatus of not playing my colony
I’m back yay
So... I missed a few major updates...
What does the crystal vaporizer do?
Wat is obsidian for
Thanks if someone can help we with this.
6y ago
It could be nice to train newbies in hard aspects

Like aluminum
And alien artifacts
And other pains
6y ago
6 and a half minutes!? Wow I usually wait for my 2 drones to do it in an hour...
You should be lucky that you have over 150 drones
Not sure if my tablet will die from it
6y ago
Do you have hydrogen reactors? They are way better that a nuclear reactor, and I usually disable it until I have a stable income of aluminum and uranium
6y ago
Do you have Trash Woes?
Trash piling up and your recycling centers can’t handle it?
Well I have a fix for u!

Introducing the TRASH CANNON
[Insert nonexistent picture here]
This neat contraption fires your trash at the nearby star, completely obliterating the trash.
Completely automated and only requiring 500 power, this 2x2 cannon, every 20 ticks, fires one volley of 20 trash into space.
This building only needs
50k ore
50k steel
3k aluminum
1k wood
30k trash
and 5000 oil to start it up with the mega Bot!
Remember, only when you understand the power of AI will the instructions make sense!


6y ago


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