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Some ideas maybe

I like music.
The colonists should too.
Opera house or concert hall or something that is music-y
Provides entertainment and boosts happiness a lot
Not available to the heartless reptilians

2. Blueprint plans
So I build my colony using 4x4 lattices
It would be nice to be able to duplicate the pavements in sectors which could save a lot of time
So you can select an area then paste to blueprints and you can build that under a new blueprints tab in the build tab
You can do so with anything, buildings, pavements, decoration, ore mines, trees, production arrays etc
Could be useful could be not

food variety!
Yaya yayayay ya
So maybe if you reach the garden bed stage you can choose doifferent crops?
This does not affect food amounts, just different foods
Each race has different food types
More food types = more happiness
And it turns out, money can grow on trees! Kinda
Ore plants! Expensive but effective
once the garden bed cycle finishes instead of food yields minerals!
Cost of seeds depends on scarceness of metal or for normal plants nothing
Eg Aluminum will be 1000x more costly than gold

4. Insects need to fight back
So reptilians ABDUCT them!
How rude
Insect anti-reptile milita
Takes minerals from reptilians
You know, payback, but not ABDUCTION

your first idea was suggest and i say yes and no because some music are cool (like ACDC) and some are eh
the worth of i ever heard (like jul he is a french "singer" but also if you are french some time that mean nothing)

i have suggest something like that but i have forget what was the real name

it can be cool to have different typeof food but that put the game more slowly and can kill your phone/little PC

bast have say no to war so wait My Colony War

My Colony

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