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New building for the reptilians

So you know how the reptilians are just mean to the insectoids
I think they should be mean to the humans too
Maybe they could...”borrow” some stuff from them for free?
Like a Zolarg mining facility which creates stuff at random, it “borrows” stuff from the humans for its own use, and the stuff it steals is random?

Intergalactic Pickpocketing Society
Reptilians only
No picture available, sorry
1000 antanium
5000 ore
3000 gold
50 uranium
500 food
500 water
(Possible rum usage)
(Possible aluminum usage)

Per 3 seconds, generates either 1 ore or 1 food, water, gold, steel, ihbihdsqoigqb and all other different resources
Even reasearch(pickpocket books)
Colonists (somehow)
Civics? (Stealing the declaration of freedom of the colony)
Atmosphere ( if you really want that)
And rare items usually unobtainable

Needs a tier 4 construction bot and 500 colonists
What think?
Should the reptilians be truely evil?
I can definitely see them doing something like this.
It would be a really cool thing to have in the game
Also, not sure if this is a good idea,
Steal buildings?
Like decorative ones only otherwise that would be too op
it can be a very good idea
the zorlag (can) have a "good" god
and the reptilian (can) have a "bad" god
so now you can add a temple who creat civic
The reptilians should have some form of extra raritys ie explaining why some resources in other races are not compensated well for expensive buildings
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