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Currently the same bug is happening to me on all Region maps with the Draconian civilization. I tried different methods of exiting the game and none of them keep the resources. The moment you exit to title or desktop all the resources get reset to the starting values. This is really bothersome, if you are either collecting to get some early resource production going or are saving them for the late game technologies (not to mention the occasional path finding bug, where rovers/workers would rather try mining a deposit that they can't access instead of the one that is accessible (and nearer sometimes) or they get stuck in an endless loop of resetting their position (don't know if only visual when they are stuck or actually just resetting)).
2y ago
So yeah, the NetSchool seems to not work at all, even after some patches since its release. The NetSchool is the only education building that will never be used, no matter how many colonists actually could use it. The problem seeme to be that the colonists don't "recognize" it as a building for education. When you use the "Education Coverage Heatmap", NetSchools will never appear as blue, which means they aren't functional, despite actually using the Software they need to operate.

TL;DR NetSchools aren't even schools
2y ago
Yeah, as fun as it sounds to set the production priority to the highest in all the water and food productions individually, I really don't have the time to do this.
3y ago
I have created a new colony as of v1.1 and all seemed fine. I build slightly more clinics than I normally would before the medical update (they were never filled over 10% even when starvation occured) and it seemed fine. Suddenly my health dropped to 27% out of nowhere and it just keeps fluctuating in the graph, but the statistics say it is still 27%. Over the 6 hours I already have this problem I kept building more medical facilities, but it just won't improve the health. At this point of time I have 4% of my population working at medical facilities with space for 10% of my population. The medical coverage of my colony is at >99% and there is still no improvement.
PS: 1/4 of my colony are babies because my colonists keep f*cking like rabbits. Pls halp.
3y ago
Hey dear reader, as of 1.0.0 the river spawning for regions got changed so that adjacent cities actually fit together, which is great!
BUT(TšŸ™‚)! As I have seen it seems that the river spawning used for the regional map is the same as for the way smaller single city maps. That creates gigantic pieces on the regional map that are completly covered in Water/Lava/Ether and are completly useless as building space. Sure, the Lander creates a small batch of land when claiming a piece of the river, but that is not really helpful as it is barely enough to build a basic infrastructure.

TL;DR Change river spawning for regional maps by making it finer to not create Reverse-Pangea.šŸ¤
3y ago
I like the ideas you presented, but I feel like this would make the game almost unplayable, at least the part with the different gases.
On one hand you would need to balance all the gases you produce and consume while watching out for the health of the population that is now different with the 1.0.0 release. I imagine Lava World being totally unplayable, since the deadly gases would kill colonist almost instantly without any suits. Without completly terraforming the map first I wouldn't risk making them strip down that neat space suit. Well, the vulcanic eruptions will probably kill them anyway.
On the other hand the heat system you presented is something that I would really enjoy, since it would be logical. Imagine working on a frozen planet and there isn't even a camp fire to warm yourself up, or maybe a desert planet where you work in the blazing sun all day and you can't even get ice cream.
3y ago
Currently (v0.98.0) there are only two buildings that can store Charcoal for the Zolarg civilization: The Mound (stores 2500 Charcoal) and the Smoldering Pit (stores 100 Charcoal).
While Charcoal isn't needed until very late into the game of a Zolarg colony, the building that actually stores the most/tile is a building you will most likely get rid of in your late mid-game to get enough colonists (and Antaura) for various other buildings. That being said, one Antanium Blast Furnace (the only building that needs Charcoal to build it) needs a whopping 25.000 Charcoal. This being said, you can try to fit 10 Mounds that only get you very few colonists on your map or fit the 250 Smoldering Pits that are needed to be able to build one Antanium Blast Furnace.
TL;DR Can we get some Charcoal Piles for Zolarg? Or storage in the Supply Piles/Quantum Supply Piles, Unholy Pit of Stuff/Unholy Tower of Stuff?
3y ago
Just as the title suggests, there is no build option to build the new Etherbugs.
The map needs to be Abandoned World: YES.
The tech requirement is Gold Storage: YES.
One of the following buildings: Mound, Glazed Mound or Unholy Mound of Worship: YES, YES, YES.
Etherbugs unlocked: NO.

Noticed it on a region I created a few days after v0.98.0 came out. Didn't notice it until now because I am kind of dumb and forgot why I wanted to play Abandoned World in the first place.
PS: When can I upgrade the Mound again without destroying it?
3y ago
So, basically you start with 350 Water in a map that has only Salt Water deposits that provide Salt Water and Fish(that gets harvested for Sugar and Food), but there are no drones that harvest Salt Water, or drones that at least harvest some wood.
TLDR: Waterworld + Zolarg = Game Over after 2 minutes.
3y ago
@bastecklein would make sense. Also explains why my colony went into total shut down after my tree/sugar/crystalline maps got cleared. Also the path finding to these spreadable resources makes my rovers/bugs stop mining.
3y ago
@bastecklein so now that deposits ACTUALLY deplete in regions, I should ask this question: Are the regrowing/spreading deposits like Trees, Synthetic Crystalline, Unholy Diamonds, etc. also affected by this change or should they be in a state where they afk-spread in the non-active region map?
3y ago
I currently play as Reptilian race and Crystalline harvesting is pretty important. So when I encountered this bug I was pretty pissed. After some time the Enslaved Extremeo Bugs just went to their parking spots after every time they dropped off their harvested Crystalline and later they just stopped harvesting entirely and went to their parking spots, only the indication that they are on their way to harvest showing that they should be working.
3y ago
How about a Fish Oil Factory, where Fish is converted into small amounts of Oil?
3y ago
My inpiration for this suggestion comes from the following problem. No matter how good I treat my colonists there is one stat that ALWAYS causes them to dislike their Overlord: Fatigue. Long distances to their workplace (even though it is not that far in my opinion) will get them tired. So what if you could just shorten the distance?
This is why I thought of the following ideas:
+Infrastructure: Unlocks the 8x speed roads. Cost: 2.000 Research. Requirement: Advanced Small Scale Construction
+Public Transportation:
Unlocks Bus Depot(Building), Bus(Vehicle) and Bus Stop(Road). Cost: 10.000 Research. Requirement: Large Scale Construction
+Regional Travel(Premium feature): Allows Space Elevator to transport colonists between cities with a Space elevator in a region. Cost: 25.000 Research. Requirement: Tall Construction.
-Bus Depot: A building in which 10 buses are maintained and built. You can't build more than 10 Buses at one Bus Depot. Cost: 10.000 Ore, 3.500 Steel, 200 Gold, 2.500 Aluminum, 250 Power, 20 Colonists(blue collar)
-Bus: A vehicle that can be build at the Bus Depot. Transports up to 200 Colonists. You can set between which Bus Stops it will travel. Cost: 100 Ore, 70 Steel, 10 Gold, 30 Aluminum, 8 Wheels
-Bus Stop: A road that acts as stops for the Bus. Only at Bus Stops can Colonists enter/leave a Bus. Comes in all road types and has a neat sign. Maximum of 5 assigned Buses per Bus Stop. Cost: Initial cost of the road type, 5 Steel, 1 Aluminum

This is just a cool idea I had and wanted it in the game. I have absolute confidence that realizing this idea will be extremly difficult as you have to keep track of all Colonists in the Bus. Especially complicated is the travel between cities of the same region, as you would have to keep track of all the colonists in these cities. So realistically speaking this is only a good idea in theory. Would be still helpful if this would get realized in some form. šŸ˜ƒ
Thanks for reading. šŸ’–
3y ago
I don't know if this is the correct section to post this, but whatever. As the new update added some buildings, there is bound to be some issues. This time it is a typo I discovered while reading the description for the Integrated Civis Center. As the text for the Integrated Civic Center says: "It's still in inefficient government building, but utilizes software to more efficiently produce civics for the people." It probably should say: "It's still an inefficient government building, but utilizes software to more efficiently produce civics for the people."
Thanks for reading.šŸ™‚
3y ago
So yeah, pathfinding seems to have been updated ot something, but it would seem that Rovers don't follow their regular "collect nearest accessible ressource" instead they collect the "nearest ressource in the neighborhood". Best part is, they don't look if it is accessible, so sometimes I end up with e.g. Extrem Ore Bugs trying to harvest Syntethic Crystalline that is behind other Synthetic Crystalline deposits, which, of course, is not possible. Mostly they just search for other options, which I observed some time and it sometimes takes over 50 searches to find them, but sometimes they get stubornly stuck and won't harvest anymore untill the path is cleared.
3y ago


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