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Health doesn't rise

I have created a new colony as of v1.1 and all seemed fine. I build slightly more clinics than I normally would before the medical update (they were never filled over 10% even when starvation occured) and it seemed fine. Suddenly my health dropped to 27% out of nowhere and it just keeps fluctuating in the graph, but the statistics say it is still 27%. Over the 6 hours I already have this problem I kept building more medical facilities, but it just won't improve the health. At this point of time I have 4% of my population working at medical facilities with space for 10% of my population. The medical coverage of my colony is at >99% and there is still no improvement.
PS: 1/4 of my colony are babies because my colonists keep f*cking like rabbits. Pls halp.
You Need to use the last version (1.2.0).
I've noticed you need somewhere near 50% of your population equivalent in medical. They are nearly all full, but they are cycling though. I envy you for only having 1/4 of your pop as kids. I have 75% of mine as them. Fun times in Rabbit Simulator 2020™.
Each house Need 5% colonists heal slot, but each house Will require at least 1 people in heal/fun/Edu slots. For med/large house Will be the same, for Little House the % Will be differnt.

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